RIP Takahashi

So I was watching some KoTH episodes with Rin today and she broke the news to me that Takahashi died from a snorkeling accident which ihit me like a ton of bricks. He was quite active in posting in his social media and then…this happens. It’s completely shocking.

He was just 60 I think? so young….


I fucking hate 2022…ffs.

It’s such a total shock. I can’t believe he’s gone. The fact that I grew up with ygo, playing ygo (and seeing my classmates’ ygo cards get confiscated by the teachers lol) it feels like losing a part of my childhood and even my teenage years (with ygotas and the tumblr ygo fandom. )

Takahashi has left a lot of influence on me which is why I’m quite devastated on his sudden death. His series (and the tumblr fandom) inspired me to start taking drawing seriously and make fancomics of them which was something I thought I could never make. Heck, I met Rin all because of our love for the series and its characters. He’s also had a huge influence on my art style. His works pretty much became a part of my life essentially.


Sorry, this was the only drawing I could muster up for today. I’ll try to make a polished tribute but I think continuing to draw the characters he made that I love , like comics and random doodles, is enough to show my appreciation of him and his works.

Rest in Peace, Kazuki Takahashi, Your legacy continues to live on TT ___ TT.



Sorry, I was very burnt out this week because the last commission really wore me out. ^^;; ( but it was one of the drawings I’m quite proud of in regards to painting and experimenting.)

Recently, I’ve been playing The Sims 2 to relax from the stress.

Here’s some simple doodle of my OC in her toddler version with her cat, Lord Tubbykins.

Maaan, I felt like I missed out a lot. When I was small, we never had lots of games. We only had the console version of TS2 on the PS2, and I had to share it with my siblings. I didn’t get to play much, and I never got to experience the expansion packs that added new fun things like pets, vampires, werewolves, university….

I always wished I could ORZ.

I think that’s why I got sucked in so completely this week. I may have spent most of the week and become a bit addicted, gah. (the features were so exciting and from what I’ve heard, it actually is better in so many aspects compared to TS3 and TS4.)

It’s so easy to get pulled into it. It felt nice to catch up on something I’d missed as a child, but it also made me feel guilty. I feel like I need to do more commissions, more art. But it also stresses me out; the more important it feels, the more perfectionist I am. I can barely draw, compared to my old rate, because I’m so scared it’s not good enough to be shown to people. But at the same time, I’m afraid because I’m not posting much.

I need to fix this somehow. Perfectionism is my worst enemy atm.

It didn’t help that I also had a relapse this week with grief. It marked almost seven months since my close relative died and I couldn’t help but feel depressed over that. I ended up having another terrible existenstial crisis, lol. The typical “wtf am i doing with my life?” crap.