Today I was rewatching two episodes of Blood+ with Rin since yesterday mostly to rehabilitate myself from my personal trauma that comes attached with this series.

The story is that I was getting into Blood + for the second time (since 2006?) last year and I was making Blood+ fancomics when I was notified of the news that my kin was in a bad condition and was getting rushed to the ICU (due to severe covid). Obviously, I had to take some time away from my hobbies because of the anxiety and depression from that and as people who’ve read my past blog posts know, my relative didn’t recover and died January of this year so it was a period of extreme grief for me and my family. I couldn’t bring myself to finish anything associated with the bad events that happened.

So yeah, I was making Blood+ comics when that happened and it’s been terribly difficult to dissociate the series from the tragic events late last year. For the past few months, everytime I thought of Blood+ and look at my thumbnail notebook where I filled it with so many comic ideas and headcanons about the series, I couldn’t help but get flashbacks of my relative being rushed to the ICU, in toxic state, etc. which always leads me to wallow in sorrow.

But I am trying to get over this…trauma. I am rewatching the entire series bit by bit and in a way, rehabilitate myself with what I associate with it. I’m no longer getting strong palpitations though I am still getting a few flashbacks and feeling sad remembering it but it’s not as bad as before. And I know the series doesn’t deserve my fears and anxiety. It’s a good series save for the comphet, haha.

And by comphet, I mean they try so goddamn hard to show that Saya’s in love with Haji and how they’re the main couple meanwhile the first episode shows this.

Kaori is her one true love and no one can deny it.

Saya has always come across as gay to me even when I was a conservative kid tbh. The series likes to show that Haji is her love interest even though Saya has no chemistry with him (and the other guys) AT ALL. The guy barely has any personality. He’s just..a hot vampire, haha. That’s pretty much it.

But Saya has always had so much chemistry with the women characters especially with Kaori. Episode 1 and there’s already so many slightly intimate moments between them, haha. As Rin said, she is a walking closet destroyer. :’D

Also..Unpopular opinion Blood C sucks so much arse compared to Blood +. And I think the reason why the former gets a reprint is because it’s friggin’ CLAMP who made it, pfft. I am so salty and pissed that Blood+ which is 1000x better doesn’t get this treatment.

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