BLOOD+ Kairene ~After Wedding~


I had a bad stomach bug the entire weekend, ORZ.

Anyway, I finished the comic I was working on last year. It happens after Kai and Irene got married and I wanted an excuse to draw all the Schiff members ^^;

thanks to Rin for all the help here <3333

ramblings and HEAVY spoilers below

MAAAANN, I love the Schiff so goddamn much!

I despise how the series just killed them off·They had so much character and potential!. ¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.


it’s just too sad thinking about their demise especially with Ghee, Irene, Moses and Karman. That’s why me and my partner in crime concocted an AU where they actually survive and Diva didn’t assault Riku and had babies (cuz fuck canon) lol.

Watching episode 21 today made me realise and reflect (again) on why I actually got into making comics in the first place. I remember my young self watching Blood+ and I got so attached to the Schiff and felt super shocked and sad at their fates. I would often daydream of scenarios or stories where they survived and lived a happy ever after ending but of course, it was all in the mind. I couldn’t draw well at that time and I thought I was some super mediocre artist so it wasn’t possible for me to draw something as complex and difficult as Blood+characters .

But now that I’m more skilledI mean, I’m nowhere near my goal yet lol but I think I’m able to draw decently enough? I want to put it on paper. I want to be able to create that AU that I envisioned for them. I want to see these kinds of characters get the happy ending they were robbed of and that they TRULY deserve. To be able to resurrect them through art and storytelling is the definition of self-satisfaction to me and that is why I am super passionate with making comics.

I know what I said was sappy af but I just love them so much, haha. (It’s the same appeal as playing with dolls according to Rin)

How long has it been? 2006 up to 2022 is a long time for me to still have such great fondness for them. (≧∀≦)ゞ

…and still downright salty over their endings, pfft.

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