life updates, Blood+ rants and comic WIPs

last week was marked with PMS spots , mood swings and yet a high motivation to make storyboards for future comics and illustration.

Something is not adding up, lol.

Usually I spend my PMS week hating myself, everyone and everything on earth due to heavy mood swings but last week was different. Perhaps it’s me getting my mojo back after all these months of very irregular activity and deep depression. That would be a good sign that I’m recovering?

But ofc in the back of my mind, I’m still afraid of this suden enthusiasm because everytime I experience that, something very bad happens next and I know it’s super illogical to think like that, the whole “you know the world doesn’t revolve around you getting happy or not” and I know that but even so, last year was traumatising especially since it was exactly September of last year where I was getting into Blood + again….

and the rest was history.

ANYWAY, that stuff aside, I am currently into Blood + again. I’m in the midst of finishing a semi-short(?) fancomic of a postcanon AU that me and Rin created because we hate how canon treated our “blorbos” (The Schiff), haha. They are like the most disadvantaged characters in the series and yet have the most wholesome relationship towards each other. They’re just….so good. All they just wanted was to live and be happy. >v<

We were also fangirling over…a….uh… “crack” ship with Hagi, heh.

This ship came about when me and Rin ended up talking about how Haji and Saya are so comphet as a couple. They literally had zero chemistry in the series. I mean, they forced the whole male harem thing to saya, with the harem including Kai (who’s her adoptive brother /ewww/). And yet Saya didn’t seem to have any interest in them at all. In fact, she was more intimate and all blushy on the women there especially with her best friend Kaori. (Ishipsayandkaori)

Personally, I cannot fathom how someone can watch Blood+ and not think Saya is gay, haha. I mentioned this before but watching it back in 2006/7(?) as a kid who was raised in such a conservative and heteronormative society, I automatically knew she swung the other side due to how intimate she was with Min and Kaori (esp Kaori). The series obviously wanted me to ship Haji and Saya or some other pretty guy they added there like Solomon but I could not ship them at all because they barely had any chemistry with each other. Saya didn’t even seem to give much of a crap about Haji up until the last episode where their “romance” was so forced.

If people ship those two, it’s fine. I don’t think someone is bad for shipping my NOTP. But I won’t ship them haha and imho, I find Haji and Saya’s relationship to be quite toxic and codependent.

Let’s not even get started on Haji as a character. I mean, aside from him serving as a ultility rather than a character (hence, barely having any personality even after fifty episodes), this guy has the most unhealthy devotion towards Saya.

this guy friggin’ swore off blood for most of his life as a vampire/chiropteran all because it scared Saya once. ONCE!

And it doesn’t make any sense because in the laws of the blood+universe, chiropterans/vampires need blood to stay alive. It’s basically their food and life source (to heal from wounds which he gets in almost every episode). For him to have sworn off drinking blood for his entire life, it’s impossible. (This one is a HUGE plot hole.)

What’s even weirder is that it’s not even Saya’s fault he does that. He just keeps pledging shit to her, haha. He goes so much to the extreme even when he doesnt have to.


Gods, I went on a tangent to rant about comphet, Haji and that huge plot hole. Sorry ^^;;>

Though despite our rant about him, we still like him as a character and we think he deserves a nice and uh..healthier ending in our AU stuff. We ended up shipping him with Ghee (member of the schiff), or rather, I shipped him with Ghee first and then I managed to brainwash Rin into liking the ship, haha.

It was that part in Episode 21 where Ghee sucked Haji’s blood from his neck and boy, it looked totally erotic for me. (and they got Jun Fukuyama to voice Ghee so it made the scene hotter, haha).

Ghee appears in just one episode but he displayed so much personality in that rather than Haji who appeared in all fifty episodes, pfft.

So yeah, we ended up talking about their circumstances, how they meet again, their similarities and how they can help each other, what they do, and other postcanon au scenario stuff Eventually, we ended up shipping them so hard and now we have an upcoming short fancomic about those two in our postcanon au where everyone is alive (except the villains), haha.

Here are some previews of the upcoming fancomic:

It doesn’t help Ghee has silver hair and green blue eyes which is reminiscent of Ryou. (and he has a similar personality too).

We’re just UBER suckers for woobies really, haha.

As Rin said, ” Show me characters who are tragic, who are made as a tool or a weapon, growing and gaining humanity and wanting to have a better life, and I’ll like them every time.”

I’ll love them so much and wish for their happiness. ( The Schiff)

welp, I wanna write more but it’s so late at night and I need to sleep, gah.

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