Of 2000s fansites…

I was feeling nostalgic for the old wild west internet in the 2000s. It made me feel blessed that I was able to still remember when the internet wasn’t corporatised and when people were honest with their feelings in a way?

Like, not just showing the highlight reels or a cute ~aesthetic~ workplace, but just showing whatever because they found them interesting regardless if it’s aesthetic or not.

Now obviously some people became too personal, haha and aired their bad laundry out there but then again, nothing was perfect.

I’m not saying everyone now in the internet is being fake but it is a fact that many, if not all people nowadays are focused on branding (profilicity) and impressing others and I get it. People need to make ends meet especially with the economic recession now but it makes me wish that I could go back in time and appreciate and archive websites I used to browse as a kid.

Most would be fansites of ships and anime series I loved.

Ahh, fansites.

It’s A LOT of work, haha.

Back when there wasn’t an “official” wikia for so many anime series and when social media wasn’t a big thing yet, fans would make websites (usually html coded ones) for their favourite ship, character or series. Fansites were quite diverse in their purpose. Some were info/wikia-like sites; just giving out the general information of the series. Some fansites were dedicated to a single character (often called a “shrine”, lol.), a group of characters, a ship, etc.

The first fansite I followed was some Hoennshipping fansite I stumbled in google results because as a kid, I was so in love with May and Brendan being a couple. Eventually, I learned the term “shipping” and pokemon ship names from bulbapedia. Turns out, May and Brendan as a couple is called, “Hoennshipping.”

It all started from there with me being some shadow in the internet constantly searching for more content and info on my favourite anime series and characters. And with that, came the endless stumbling upon so many fansites. The individuality and creativity that these fans had was wonderful and inspiring to see. Yeah, some of ’em were elitist, some of ’em were petty but those were still wacky, fun times.

I’m not saying wikias are bad. They are very useful for info ofc but they’re super clunky. For example, when you click on the search box esp on the B+ wikia, they load a list of pages and only then can you search. Additionally, just the idea of a corporation/company that likes to call themselves “Fandom” is quite dubious.

One thing that I liked from fansites was their Independence. You can upload what you want, as you want. No dumb formatting rules or wiki politics like power users who want to run it like their own petty fiefdom. And Wikia can’t up and pull the plug on you or force it to be designed around their corporate layout.

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I was watching Shirokuma Cafe a few days ago and wanted to match the voice actors from it to Blood plus, lol.

Katsuyuki Konishi(Haji) voiced Full Time Panda while Jun Fukuyama (Gie) voiced Panda-kun.

This started when me and Rin watched the original Japanese dub of Blood Plus and Gie’s voice being so similar to Panda-kun’s that she has difficulty dissociating Gie’s original voice from Panda, haha. We were actually exposed to the English dub of the series first and in that dub, Gie had a female voice and along with his very feminine appearance made Rin mistake him as a woman.

She was quite shocked when I told her Gie was a guy, haha.

We ended up being curious if any other Blood plus JP VAs were in Shirokuma and surprise, surprise, Haji’s voice actor was there and voices Panda-kun’s coworker, lol.

Him and Akiko Yajima. The latter voiced Riku and Diva.

Here’s a bunch of crack doodles of Full Time Chevalier Panda! Haji and Panda! Gie.

It’s friggin’ silly but I had fun messing around with them, haha. I don’t ship FT Panda and Panda-kun ofc but I totally ship Hagi and Gie,

Below are the loose sketches from my notebook that the doodles are based on:

I also drew child! Gie because him and the rest of the schiff never had a childhood,


And I wanted to imagine his child version having bigger puppy dog eyes and those long eyelashes..gahh

He’d be super adorable that I just wanna squeeze his cheeks. <33333


I finally got hold of the Material Settings books of Blood+ !!!!! <333

I used a proxy warehouse service for the first time called Buyee. Apparently, it’s the official partner of Mercari for international shipping so I used it automatically, lol. I’ve read a huge number of bad reviews about it online so I was scared that I might have had my money wasted. Fortunately, it arrived much faster than I expected

So yeah, good service at least from my first time experience with them. ^^;;

Anyway, the small books are actually the bonus materials that come with the Limited Edition Blu Ray DVDs and I thought I could get my hands on them for more reference and trivia/ special information. These are the old 2006 / 7(?) ones because there was a new version released in 2020. I want to buy the 2020 blu ray dvds some time and get the “re-edited” versions of the material books PLUS the art book but they’re quite pricey for me atm and I’m still saving up some money for the vet bills gah.

But if I manage to save enough where I don’t feel guilty for spending over 250-300 USD for a blu-ray series, I’d definitely buy it to support them, haha.

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These were all I could muster for the past two days because I’ve been getting terrible back and neck pains whenever I draw. ORZ

Speaking of body pains, I got into HXH again after…ten years, lol.

When I was doing the Blood+ comic, I was talking to Rin about how my back was aching badly and I needed to rest in between since I don’t wanna end up like Togashi who apparently, has such a bad backache that he had to shower when he wants to do a number two because he can’t bend enough to wipe his bum. I’m not sure if that is true, but he is known to go on hiatus due to his fragile health which is caused by the hellish schedule of mangaka.

The conversation on Togashi made me revisit HXH for a bit. I’m not exactly in the loop to what’s going on in canon as of now. Not that I care tbh. I’m just a casual HXH fan just waiting for the series to end in a good note….

….But mostly for my favourite ship to shag. marry.


I’ve been a Leopika fan since 2011, haha.

(there’s KilluGon but they’re more of like a puppy love for me? It’s not strong compared to my love for LeoPika )

I swear to God, I love their chemistry so fucking much. I started off with the 2011 anime and the two of them always had this cute spark which interested me in their ship so I searched if they had more canon moments with each other and it led me to the 1999 anime which was.. Leopika: The Anime, basically.

I don’t care if some of ’em are fillers. Besides. I’m sure they had Togashi’s permission to put those in. They’re so cute that even Rin who never watched or read HXH, shipped them from watching a compilation of their conversations and she said there was no heterosexual explanation, haha.

Design-wise, I prefer the 1999 anime over the 2011 one. First, Leorio is hotter in that anime and second, the proportions are much better there especially with Kurapika’s body. The 2011 version made him look…more ~moe~ in terms of body proportions and I’m not exactly a fan of it, gah.

It’s just a bit sad because afaik, Leorio was kinda….left in the sidelines in the later arcs. He wasn’t given as much screentime as the other three of the group, at least with what I remember from 10 years ago.

Eugh, my mind is hazy. ‘Gotta reread the manga or rewatch the anime some time.

Ahhh. whatever.

I just want them to be canon and tie the knot, haha. At least I will have a canon ship in my list of OTPs that are filled with non-canon ones. :’D

Restarting and some random comic strips


So with a little bit of pep talk, I thought of resuming the 67-page pocket citron comic/doujin that I was meant to do last year but then…..things happened, lol.

It’ll take a little while to finish it aside from the fact that it’s approximately friggin’ 67 pages long, I have other art priorities like illustration and short comics to do. ^^;;>

(and other shorter doujins on the side.)

But I will finish it. I don’t want the story/script for this to gather dust. If not for the fandom, it’s for personal reasons as I can terribly relate to Malik with having been raised with such a controlling parent and this comic is a way to release those sentiments. ORZ

The sketches above were actually from last year and I might have to revise them this year since the panelling feels a bit off to me. Since it’s digital, I want it to be more….scroll-friendly (?) without that many panels cluttering in a single page.

Anyway, more silly Blood+ comic strips below based from Telegram chats with Rin. :’D


I seriously can’t get over that huge plot hole with Hagi, haha. No wonder the guy isn’t mentally well and gets impaled often in the series by his enemies, gah. So I think when he eats/drinks normally, he’d regain a lot of his strength and charisma. A healthy, well-nourished body is a healthy mind as they say.


I don’t have the settei for Gudriff so I don’t know how his eyes looks like without those shades (if the settei even has that version which I’m sure they don’t. ) so Rin came up with that idea of him having dem Lady Oscar eyes, haha.