heartbreak haji

Some rough B+ scraps from my sketchbook:

I forgot how tedious drawing in a regular graphics tablet was, lol.

(They look sooo wonky.)

I’m so used to the accuracy and efficient workflow of drawing on my screen tablet (pen display) that going back to my intuos pro was such a pain in the arse to adjust to again.

On one hand, I miss drawing with the typical handeye coordination tablet (as I grew up with it and was forced to adjust and transition from traditional pen and paper to having to draw on a tablet while looking at the screen the entire time, lol) but on the other, I would be lying if I said I missed how my strokes were so rough and inaccurate mostly, and how long it took me to finish artworks, haha.

I’m quite jealous of the younger generation of artists who can access screen tablets easily especially given how widely available and affordable they are now…at least compared to the wacom cintiq, haha.

I remember a time when if you wanted a decent screen tablet, you had to save up or invest in a cintiq which costs A TON of money and as far as I can recall, artists I knew who had cintiqs at that time seemed to be well-off (the young ones at least), old enough to have disposable income to shell out for it, or in a professional art field.

But really, I’m glad wacom doesn’t have a monopoly when it comes to decent screen tablets already. Of course, they are still the top brand when it comes to tablets but their prices aren’t exactly uh…average person friendly. And I personally believe that art should be accessible to ALL social classes. God knows how demotivated I was with making art when I was young because of how much I was deprived of art tools due to them being too pricey and unavailable for my broke arse.

So yeah, I’m glad I’m able to afford one as well. (though mine was a gift from Rin, gahh thanks so much ILU <33333) Having a pen display greatly increased my productivity with making art, heh.


I spent so many hours today on continuing the comic and redoing /revising facial expressions, lol.

Gods, just fucking kill me, haha. All this from my friggin passion for a niche series and ship.

I’ll make a post here dedicated to the fancomic’s process pics and its BTS stuff after I’m through with it because for some reason, I can’t seem to post too many progress pics before it’s done.

It’s my fixation with avoiding spoilers, gah. I already posted a few WIP shots and I don’t want to post more because that’ll be too much (at least for me.)

Then again, I mean, it’s not like many of my followers are familiar with blood+ or are in its fandom so maybe it’s fine to post more?


I’ll have to alternate though. Like one day for illustrations or scribblings /doodles and the other for continuing with comics because I might end up getting super burnt out from this and I don’t wanna suffer from art fatigue again. So tomorrow, I’ll work on other stuff and then the day after, I’ll work on the comic again.