I spent so many hours today on continuing the comic and redoing /revising facial expressions, lol.

Gods, just fucking kill me, haha. All this from my friggin passion for a niche series and ship.

I’ll make a post here dedicated to the fancomic’s process pics and its BTS stuff after I’m through with it because for some reason, I can’t seem to post too many progress pics before it’s done.

It’s my fixation with avoiding spoilers, gah. I already posted a few WIP shots and I don’t want to post more because that’ll be too much (at least for me.)

Then again, I mean, it’s not like many of my followers are familiar with blood+ or are in its fandom so maybe it’s fine to post more?


I’ll have to alternate though. Like one day for illustrations or scribblings /doodles and the other for continuing with comics because I might end up getting super burnt out from this and I don’t wanna suffer from art fatigue again. So tomorrow, I’ll work on other stuff and then the day after, I’ll work on the comic again.

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