I was listening/watching to the Fairy Tail anime on Netflix as I was working on stuff and I would have never thought hearing its OST in the background would make me tearful from the nostalgia, LOL.

It’s actually been so many years since I dropped the manga/anime. I think it was during the Grand Magic Games arc? (The arc after the Tenrou Island thing).

Anyway, I got so sick of the lazy plotlines where friendship beats everything, and the heavy fanservice that plagued it so I ditched the series. It was unfortunate because Fairy Tail despite being called a “One Piece ripoff” (a friend didn’t like it because she thought it was copying OP) had so much great potential with exploring the concepts of guilds, dragons, warriors, etc. and not to mention them havng strong female characters like Erza. And for me at least, that was a big thing because it was so rare to see that in Shonen series and Fairy Tail was a breath of fresh air with Erza and co. It’s just a fucking shame that they also objectify them too much and you can say “Oh but Grey keeps stripping so men there also have fanservice” as if him being half naked on the torso is the male equivalent to the female characters having their tits and arses (plus lots of panty shots with the crotch almost shown) being exposed there all the friggin’ time. >.>

Unless the male characters’ bulges (big erections) and arses get shown on the same magnitude and amount as the female ones, I will not consider that excuse.

I went on a tangent there, oops, haha. I really hate that excuse people give when you point out how much fanservice there is in the series. It’s not even close!

and let’s not get into the joking about pedos bit (*cough*doranbolt*cough*). What’s with many modern anime/manga making pedos look silly and turn them into a harmless joke rather than a threat?smh.


Despite its so many faults, I still like the series in a way that I watch or read it when I want to be entertained and laugh out because FT is very good when it comes to being a lighthearted and comedic series hence, why I don’t take their plots that seriously, haha. (ALSO, the Fairy Tail OST is one of the best anime sound tracks out there, ngl)

…and rereading some chapters and watching/listening to the episodes…

jesus. Freed really is gay, haha. (it’s also explicitly shown in the manga so him swinging the other way is canon.)

The only ships I used to like there years ago was Gajeel x Levy and Bickslow x Lisanna (latter is a crack ship but fell in love with it at that time because of the cute fanart, lmao) but seeing how Freed is so in love with Laxus in the series, I’m just like, “they should end up together.” haha. They’re just so cute as a couple when you think about it.

(additionally, Laxus shares the same voice actor as Haji, haha. And Freed has the same voice actor as Van Argiano from Blood +. Ahhhh, If only Freed was voiced by Jun Fukuyama. :P)

Damn, I never thought I’d be talking about FT this year, haha. It’s been such a while since I talked about it.

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