Sometimes I get so amazed on how professional mangaka tend to publish chapters weekly and then I remember they have a bunch of assistants working for them, lol.

I always seem to forget that part because they (the assistants) often don’t get credited in the title cover. It’s usually the mangaka themselves that are only in the main credits which is a shame because…well, I think assistants need to be credited and also, as a kid it gave me the wrong impression on productivity. I used to think mangaka artists worked alone and can make comics so fast that they can upload in a weekly schedule, which is super hellish.

The reason why I’m talking about this random thing is because I feel frustrated at how long it’s getting me to finish a slightly short fancomic, ORZ. I know I shouldn’t compare because I work by myself most of the time and I’m not making comics as a job. (Though Rin helps with 3d assets and sketching storyboards when I have difficulty coming up with them.) but still I hate how slow I’ve become.

Thankfully, I’m done with all of it except the cover image, lol. Cover images are always the last part of the doujin process for me and unfortunately, they are very difficult to think of because it has to reflect the entire premise of the comic in one illustration. Let’s not even get to the part with graphic design and having to find the right title font for it, haha. I’m not exactly skilled in the graphic design area but I’m tdoing my best to improve and learn more. It’s just such a pain in the arse to find which font and font style suits the cover image. :/

ah well.

I’m feeling super sleepy so I have to head to bed. I have a lot of stuff to ramble about here in this dumb blogsite this week. I just need to blog earlier than the usual and not past my bedtime schedule, lol.

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