Restarting and some random comic strips


So with a little bit of pep talk, I thought of resuming the 67-page pocket citron comic/doujin that I was meant to do last year but then…..things happened, lol.

It’ll take a little while to finish it aside from the fact that it’s approximately friggin’ 67 pages long, I have other art priorities like illustration and short comics to do. ^^;;>

(and other shorter doujins on the side.)

But I will finish it. I don’t want the story/script for this to gather dust. If not for the fandom, it’s for personal reasons as I can terribly relate to Malik with having been raised with such a controlling parent and this comic is a way to release those sentiments. ORZ

The sketches above were actually from last year and I might have to revise them this year since the panelling feels a bit off to me. Since it’s digital, I want it to be more….scroll-friendly (?) without that many panels cluttering in a single page.

Anyway, more silly Blood+ comic strips below based from Telegram chats with Rin. :’D


I seriously can’t get over that huge plot hole with Hagi, haha. No wonder the guy isn’t mentally well and gets impaled often in the series by his enemies, gah. So I think when he eats/drinks normally, he’d regain a lot of his strength and charisma. A healthy, well-nourished body is a healthy mind as they say.


I don’t have the settei for Gudriff so I don’t know how his eyes looks like without those shades (if the settei even has that version which I’m sure they don’t. ) so Rin came up with that idea of him having dem Lady Oscar eyes, haha.

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