I finally got hold of the Material Settings books of Blood+ !!!!! <333

I used a proxy warehouse service for the first time called Buyee. Apparently, it’s the official partner of Mercari for international shipping so I used it automatically, lol. I’ve read a huge number of bad reviews about it online so I was scared that I might have had my money wasted. Fortunately, it arrived much faster than I expected

So yeah, good service at least from my first time experience with them. ^^;;

Anyway, the small books are actually the bonus materials that come with the Limited Edition Blu Ray DVDs and I thought I could get my hands on them for more reference and trivia/ special information. These are the old 2006 / 7(?) ones because there was a new version released in 2020. I want to buy the 2020 blu ray dvds some time and get the “re-edited” versions of the material books PLUS the art book but they’re quite pricey for me atm and I’m still saving up some money for the vet bills gah.

But if I manage to save enough where I don’t feel guilty for spending over 250-300 USD for a blu-ray series, I’d definitely buy it to support them, haha.

I was worried that they won’t feature the Schiff in the books since they seem to be so overlooked despite being the most wholesome characters in the show (and if they ever feature them, it’s just the trio: Moses, Karman and Lulu) but I’m so glad they were featured and covered…

…on 3 pages of the second booklet, lmao.


I’ll get what I can. At least they’re complete here and in colour, ORZ.

Below are the scanned versions:

They’re my blorbos ꉂ (′̤ॢ∀ ू‵̤๑))ˉ̞̭♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Fuck canon haha. They’re alive and bustling in my AU.

Most especially Ghee.

Look at how pretty this angel is~! >v<

My precious baby who appeared in just one (to two) episodes but managed to capture my heart forever in the series~

But according to this book, his name is Gie not Ghee.

Come to think of it, I wondered what was up with the English dub having his name mean Indian Clarified Butter, haha.

Then again, they made him into a woman there, pfft.

English dubs in the 2000s were….inaccurate and homophobic.

But I’m so used to calling him Ghee so it’ll take some time to use Gie instead of Ghee.

And I almost forgot,

reference for their respective weapons:

It’s nice seeing how they specialise in different weapons.

Rin and I also bought some settei of them from Yahoo Auctions though they’re a gamble because you don’t know what you’re getting specifically, ORZ. The seller won’t show every paper.

Honestly, the settei for the schiff aside from the trio (MKL) is like finding rare pokemon…though at this point, shiny pokemon. We’d be lucky if we managed to get a schiff that’s not part of the trio. Extremely lucky if we got all of them.

I would really hate it if we got so many of Diva and her chevaliers though, haha. They’re such despicable and evil characters (her chevaliers mostly. Diva is..uh..she’s a creepy bitch in the anime but she’s more sympathetic and developed in the manga)

They don’t deserve to have a settei imho. One thing that B+ does well is making their villains into such evil characters that aren’t comical/ cartoonish yet so loathsome because they hit too close to home. (cough/US and western imperialists /cough/). They’re so bad I cannot ship them to anyone in the series. Unshippable af and deserve to burn in hell!

Aaaaand I sidetracked haha.

I wanna write more, but it’s super late here and I need to sleep.

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