COMMISSION 42: Adult! Yugi

Had some unexpected obligations at the countryside this weekend so I didn’t get to draw as much as I wanted to. >__<

But I managed to finish this full coloured, half-body commission for @out-of-frequency. They wanted a mature and cool-looking Yugi. It was a bit difficult at first because I didn’t want him to look like Yami and I wanted him to retain his Yugi features without looking young and cutesy, heh. ❤

timelapse below:

wips wips wips

PMS week and it feels like my stomach is a black hole. I eat a lot and never get full. ORZ

I’m currently starving and craving for deep-fried fast food.\

Specifically, some McDonald’s hash brown/fries and chicken McNuggets, gah. (and maybe a double cheeseburger too?)

But it’s late at night so…maybe I’ll get some tomorrow morning.

Art wise,

I’m currently working on a number of illustration/comics and here are 4 of them in this wip shot:

I HAVE to finish these soon. At least before my period starts, lol. (three friggin’ days of hellish uterine cramps)

I wanna talk more but I need to sleep earlier than the usual.

fanon discontinuity

my reason for our comics/au NOT adhering to canon:

yep, totally pulling the Multidimensional theory card from Noein (and Stein’s Gate) :”D

Cuz fuck canon, lol. (Esp with Blood+ and TKB/Mariku’s ending in YGO…oh and Neji’s death from Naruto cuz I remember that pissed the hell out of me too, lololol

hediescuzheshipsnaruhinawtf…more like, kishi HAD to get rid of him because he was proven right in the end haha. Fuck that ending)

Anyway, I’m currently working on a number of doodles/illustrations/comics.

I’m happy to say that this “off the grid” WP art rehab is working as I’m getting back the art momentum I had from a few years ago. ^_^

I’ve never been this energetic and motivated. I feel like as the years went by I put a lot of pressure and imaginary rules on myself and my art that drawing felt more of a chore rather than something I used to be passionate about.

But now, I feel like the shackles I’ve put myself in are broken and I’m free from it.

It feels so good drawing whatever without thinking if X will like it and other external factors like stats.

Just drawing random stuff because it’s fun. Not having to overthink about composition, values and all those other factors for once.

it’s liberating.


Rin showed me videos of Noein outtakes and gods, I wished Blood+ had those, There’s so much stuff to poke fun and parody the series with.

Actually, scratch that, If I were the English dubber having had the opportunity for outtakes, I’d just be passively aggressively complaining at Fujisaku, lol.

my poor baby ;(

‘Wish there was Blood+ abridged, haha. The Schiff would be lampooning the heck out of Fujisaku.

Although the images above was inspired by derpcakes’ Fate/Zero Summaries which is still funny after all these years, heh. :’3


It’s getting late. I need to sleep.


this strip is two days old but I’ll post it here, lol.

From what I’ve seen today Twitter is still okay. Although I’ve heard that we’re gonna see it slowly dying a week or so from now?

I dunno all the details but it did shoot itself on the foot ‘cuz the new owner is a total twat.


I only use my milliekou twitter for art and my other personal twitter for news and memes, lol.

I don’t think I’m affected that much since all my thoughts are in this blog and sometimes on tumblr. TBH, I’ve never been a fan of twitter’s interface when it comes to jotting down ideas personally because…. I talk too much haha.

I don’t like having to cut my rambles and turn it into a thread because they’d look so disorganised. If I want to rant to my heart’s desire continuously with no thread number, I want one blog post dedicated to all the crap I spout, haha.

What bothers me though was seeing people on twitter mention how twitter is going to die like tumblr.


These people clearly haven’t been on tumblr lol.

They just love to say it’s dead. Sure, it’s not as big as it was in 2012 or smth but it’s far from dead. Lots of people are still in there and posting stuff, wth are they smoking?

As a sidenote, I really have come to dislike those who love to claim X is dead or dying or “rise and fall of (insert generational trend/genre/platform that was big in 2010 )”. Esp with genres. These are FRIGGIN genres. They don’t fucking die. They just fall in and out of fashion. Dropping off being mainstream for a while. A cycling ebb and flow.

Honestly, just use “Rise and Fall of Prominence” instead of just assuming something is dead because it wasn’t as hyped and big as it was back then. >__>

Anyway yeahhhh…twitter is in the toilet. But hasn’t been flushed yet.

In other news, I’ve been struggling with a bad cold for the entire day. I miss being a child and wanting to have colds so I can miss school lol but now, they come at inconvenient times and are such a pain the arse to deal with.


I’ve been shitposting a lot here in this blog recently, lol.

I plan on being active and post on tumblr and twitter by next week but for now, I want to have some private fun here and treat this wp blog for its original purpose and that is to post whatever I feel like without any anxious thoughts that many people are watching me. ^^;;

Part of what I miss from my 2015-2020 blog was just me being myself. I posted and complained about whatever and yeah that came with a lot of downsides with so many posts about me being angry, reactionary and at the heat of the moment but it was still my safe space.

Of course now that I’ve grown up and matured (I hope, haha) I realised that there are some stuff that shouldn’t be talked about publicly. I also became less naive with how the world worked and learned more on how to control my impulsive behaviour. I’m stilll impulsive but it’s not as bad as before.

Anyway, I recently discovered something about my Blood+ ship’s voice actors.

They’re very popular as a couple in BL drama CDs, hahaHA


I’m not very familiar with BL drama CDs but I’m familiar with Drama CDs as products. One comment I saw on a Bleach video perked my intersest. The commenter mentioned that Jun Fukuyama and Katsuyuki Konishi are a very popular duo/couple when it came to voicing BL couples in drama CDs. Katsuyuki being famous for voicing the Tops and Jun voicing the bottoms in those CDs.

The comment was brought up because the video was about some fight between Yumichika who is voiced by Jun and Hisagi who is voiced by Katsuyuki. And I immediately remember my B+ ship because Hagi is voiced by Katsuyuki and Gie is voiced by Jun, as well.

seeing that,




I HAD TO do some research, haha. Apparently, they had some BL drama CDs back in 2005 and the episode where Gie and Haji encountered each other was aired in March 2006. Gie is a “minor” supporting character so Jun was the guest VA (according to the interview I read) and my convo with Rin spawned this idea on what went behind the scenes:

Let me make it clear that I DO NOT ship real people at all.

though ngl they look adorable together when I turn them into cheebs, haha. (srsly dat height difference. )

…maybe I could make an original gay story that revolves around this premise, haha.

I’m sure they’re good friends irl.

I don’t know how Jun looked like in 2006 so I just got this design from his profile pic online. With Katsuyuki, I based his design on his pictures in the Material Settings book 1 (since he was interviewed there as well.)

>. >


*rubs chin*

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A short comic of the schiff in Animal Crossing style I did almost two weeks ago that I forgot to post. ^^;;

I’ve been stuck in a crappy art rut for the past few days, either from burnout or grief

..or both.

But I’m currently doing my best to get out of it. I’ve been revisiting old anime series I grew up with and got inspired from.

I’m hoping that by watching them again, I can get my enthusiasm and motivation back. ^^;;


I was discussing with Rin about our feelings of inadequacy with drawing or just art, in general.

We were talking about how, despite struggling and getting depressed over our lack of skill constantly because we compare ourselves with better artists out there, we can’t help but still…..make stuff.

Like, even if we’re in such a rut and hate our art, we don’t know what we’d do if we stopped making them permanently. It feels as if it’s so inherent to us that we cannot stop even if we force ourselves to, haha.

I mentioned previously that artists typically have a masochistic relationship towards art.

Even if:

– it despairs us to pursue the field or hobby or career because of comparison,

– it feels so hopeless and discouraging,

-it’s so frustrating that you want to tear up the artwork you drew or burn it using a flamethrower because it didn’t come out right,

you just can’t let go of the need for creating things no matter what, lol.

It’s like, I love making art but I also hate it at the same time. And perhaps that is something that non-artists don’t understand? at least, in part.

the drive to create and still pursue it even if you hate it and drives you crazy sometimes, haha.

Coincidentally, we also watched a certain episode of Gakuen Alice, a Shoujo anime I watched in my childhood and still remember fondly. (the baby chick I draw as a status avatar is actually from that series, haha) There was one scene that struck me and summarises what my relationship towards art is.

Now obviously, I won’t die if I stopped drawing, haha. And drawing doesn’t shorten my lifespan unlike Kaname (the guy the beanie dude is referring to)

but what got me was when he said that even if making stuffed dolls hurts him , he still makes it because he wants to give love and feel loved. That this was his way of pressing forward with life despite all the limitations he has physically since he’s always been sickly and languishing in isolation as a kid. He couldn’t do things that normal, able-bodied people could. But there was one thing he can do and that is his ability to put souls in stuffed toys,

He feels fortunate to have that even if it’s slowly killing him because it’s made people happy and that in turn, makes him happy and grateful for his own existence.

It’s easy to dismiss him as a masochist character and he probably is, I mean I felt bad for him when I re-watched this episode, lol.

It was frustrating to see him still keep making those dolls even if he knows it’s shortening his life but ultimately, I got where he came from because I cannot imagine myself stopping to make art. I love to draw. Aside from it being something that keeps me sane from this dystopian world, it’s also because I like to share my ideas to people, I like to make comics because I like people to feel something for an idea we envisioned that turned into a story which turned into a visual one.

But making comics is fucking hard, drawing the same character for so many pages is really exasperating let me tell ya, haha. Not to mention the neck and backaches you get for working on them for too long. I also gotta watch out for “post-comic/doujin burnout because the entire process is very exhausting. ORZ

And yet I still make them because aside from self satisfaction, I like these pictures with words to evoke emotions on whoever reads them. Be it being happy, sad or just cringing over it, lol. If it makes people feel something then I’m happy. And I’m happy to have that kind of ability/skill. 🙂

TLDR: I seriously have a thing for Woobies, lol. Kaname reminds me too much of Ryou it hurts…>.<