when passion leads to pain

UPDATE [18/NOV/2022] : added a picture I took from the Material Settings Book to represent my feelings towards the interview responses, lol. I forgot to add it here since I wrote this post very late at night and I was rushing to go to sleep.


FUJISAKU you adfsfdgfdgdfgfdsgd!


why do I even torment myself with translating so many of his interview responses?

I read more of them in an article about the 10th anniversary of BLOOD+ and as excited as I was for seeing more storyboards featured in there, as well as their special menu in that gathering, I couldn’t help but get so furious and disappointed at Fujisaku’s responses to the fan questions. AGAIN.


I thought some people were just exaggerating whenever they mention that they feel physical pain when they’re terribly disappointed on the writing of their favourite series but now I know the feeling, lol.

Friggin’ passion. The downside of being so passionate about a series is having such strong emotions when they satisfy and inspire you, ot when they let you down. And with the latter, I got so angry and upset with his “headcanons” and just the way he changes stuff on the goddamn fly.

No wonder the later part of the series doesn’t make much sense!

I can’t understand the guy,

To think I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt with Blood C. I thought that maybe he was just pandering to the Otakus or yknow, it’s probably CLAMP’s fault partly on how crappy Blood C is BUT now I know that Blood C was him unbridled on his sadistic writing.

And even Blood+ has a number of writing faults that I might go in depth to next time because it’s so late at night and I’m too tired, ORZ.

Though I may rant a bit but not as much as I want to cuz ..eyes drooping atm..

But fuck, I’ve never felt this pissed over a series since Takahashi pulled a crappy ending on TKB, haha.

Scratch that, this is even worse, LOL.

It’s not even in the same magnitude with Takahashi’s treatment of TKB because as shitty as the writing was in there, I can understand that the working conditions of SJ lead to that kind of dodgy writing. Sure, some SJ writers are the exception to that with their more decent and planned storytelling but as I said, they are the exceptions to the rule. If you have a very stressful weekly deadline and other pressures mounting so much on you from your editor, then I can slightly understand why Takahashi did those. I mean, it still sucked but not as bad as Fujisaku who is a screenwriter.

This isn’t me saying screenwriting is a breeze. I understand that anime production is quite fucked like they don’t even have all the episodes finished before they air but…I presume it’s lighter than being a mangaka who has to write both the story and draw the art and meet a weekly deadline at the same time.

The way Fujisaku treated the Schiff.


He admitted that he made them to be antagonists….

The problem is,

he didn’t write antagonists.

He wrote so many incredibly sympathetic characters and then forced them to play antagonists.

He wrote them a backstory that makes you root for them.

It’s the SAME way as when Takahashi made TKB the way he was.

And it’s even worse with the Schiff because at least Zorc and TKB were trying to destroy the world., so there’s minus points for the sympathy but the Schiff?

they just wanted to live.

they killed and drank blood because they needed to. They are biologically wired to drink blood because they’re artificial chevalier vamps.

As Rin said in our convo, the Schiff knew no better. They killed because all they’d ever been taught of humans was that they would enslave you and take from you. They weren’t taught you could ask for anything. They weren’t taught anything except how to speak (be literate ) and how to kill.

I’m even going as far as to say the Schiff were the most wholesome in the series. (with Riku and Kai) They had the healthiest bonds.. No malice or betrayal whatsoever. For fucking vampires/chiropterans whose sole purpose was to kill, they were the most human out of the entire cast.

Even the Red Shield can’t beat their protagonist vibes. You had Julia betraying the group because apparently, science trumps moral ethics.

and she’s still alive. jfc


And let’s not pretend the other RS members are innocent, either. David and Lewis even wanted an indie journalist dead for finding out about them, lol. So much for the good guys, huh?

Oh but let’s just kill all of them under 26 eps and spare one because the VA made an impression on you. And change the entire background of a character in a way that it doesn’t make sense and leaves a lot more questions all because of how his VA talks.

It speaks as a disregard for his work, tbh. I don’t have anything against Fujisaku personally, it’s how he writes his story that gets on my nerves.

If you’re going to change something, at least change it for the BETTER of the story like making it deeper, or adding to character development rather than something that would make it even more confusing. And he did the latter.


It really feels as if Fujisaku killed characters on a whim and not because they deserve it. Even the changes felt like they were just whims.


I’ll stop reading more of his responses. It’s just making me angry rather than excited. I mean, sure there are some mini fun facts like Hagi not knowing how to cook but that is super miniscule compared to his answers.

Another thing that irked me a bit was that there was no fan who asked him on how in the hell Hagi is still alive even after a hundred plus years of not drinking blood at all, haha. It breaks the rules of that verse where chevaliers NEED blood to live and heal themselves.

Wonder what kind of mental gymnastics he’d respond with, haha?

Anyway yeah, I’ve been ranting so much about his writing in the past few posts here, lol. It’s getting to be physically painful just thinking about his decisions and why he did those.


I need to sleep.

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