I’ve been shitposting a lot here in this blog recently, lol.

I plan on being active and post on tumblr and twitter by next week but for now, I want to have some private fun here and treat this wp blog for its original purpose and that is to post whatever I feel like without any anxious thoughts that many people are watching me. ^^;;

Part of what I miss from my 2015-2020 blog was just me being myself. I posted and complained about whatever and yeah that came with a lot of downsides with so many posts about me being angry, reactionary and at the heat of the moment but it was still my safe space.

Of course now that I’ve grown up and matured (I hope, haha) I realised that there are some stuff that shouldn’t be talked about publicly. I also became less naive with how the world worked and learned more on how to control my impulsive behaviour. I’m stilll impulsive but it’s not as bad as before.

Anyway, I recently discovered something about my Blood+ ship’s voice actors.

They’re very popular as a couple in BL drama CDs, hahaHA


I’m not very familiar with BL drama CDs but I’m familiar with Drama CDs as products. One comment I saw on a Bleach video perked my intersest. The commenter mentioned that Jun Fukuyama and Katsuyuki Konishi are a very popular duo/couple when it came to voicing BL couples in drama CDs. Katsuyuki being famous for voicing the Tops and Jun voicing the bottoms in those CDs.

The comment was brought up because the video was about some fight between Yumichika who is voiced by Jun and Hisagi who is voiced by Katsuyuki. And I immediately remember my B+ ship because Hagi is voiced by Katsuyuki and Gie is voiced by Jun, as well.

seeing that,




I HAD TO do some research, haha. Apparently, they had some BL drama CDs back in 2005 and the episode where Gie and Haji encountered each other was aired in March 2006. Gie is a “minor” supporting character so Jun was the guest VA (according to the interview I read) and my convo with Rin spawned this idea on what went behind the scenes:

Let me make it clear that I DO NOT ship real people at all.

though ngl they look adorable together when I turn them into cheebs, haha. (srsly dat height difference. )

…maybe I could make an original gay story that revolves around this premise, haha.

I’m sure they’re good friends irl.

I don’t know how Jun looked like in 2006 so I just got this design from his profile pic online. With Katsuyuki, I based his design on his pictures in the Material Settings book 1 (since he was interviewed there as well.)

>. >


*rubs chin*

Wonder if the producer was being intentional with getting Jun for the role especially since I saw potential in the ship on the scene where Gie sucked Hagi’s blood in…an intimate way. (intimate looking to me at least, lmao)

Well if it was intentional, I fell for that bait then, lol. If it’s not, then it doesn’t change the fact that I still ship them and they go so well together. Personality-wise. Appearance-wise and the fact that Haji needs to friggin’ move on from Saya, haha. (cuz she belongs to Kaori) Seriously, it’s such a codependent relationship in canon.Fujisaku’s response on why he made them canon is even more toxic, haha.

Actually, last year when I got into B+ again, I only shipped Kai and Irene, and Moses and Karman in the series . I didn’t really give much of a damn with Gie, he was meant to die but Rin said our AU should have all the schiff spared. Hagi also was not our focus. NGL, the guy had barely any personality in canon so we couldn’t do much with him in the AU we made.

It all changed when I felt that we needed to do something with the other schiff members. I remember thinking that we could develop more of them aside from the MLK trio because it felt lacking and this was an AU where we could expand more of the characters aka fleesh them out.

So we went to Gie first. I imagined since in canon he felt so much angst and guilt with having to hurt people to survive, after he’s recovered, he’d try to redeem himself to none other than his opponent/victim, Hagi.

It all started there, haha. Next thing we knew, we were already shipping them so hard because of all the possible scenarios that could happen between the two.

ENEMIES TO LOVERS is my favourite trope, obviously. :’D

Although we had terrible difficulty developing Haji at first because he was pretty much a utility character who barely had a semblance of a personality in canon. Thankfully, after a few days of brainstorming, we managed to have some headcanons/ideas that could explain stupid plot holes like him not drinking blood for a hundred years even though he’s a vampire and needs it all because friggin’ Saya got scared of him drinking blood once. and stuff that could develop him further and make him move on to have a healthier mental and physical state.

I think an arc where Haji actually finds something to do with his life for himself, not for another person or transferring his dependency onto someone else (and depriving himself in the process) can make for a compelling story.

The open ended feeling of losing his ” life purpose” (which is being a meatshield butler for saya ) can also be helpful because that would mean he can go anywhere.

honestly, the guy needs to go on a journey of self -discovery, lol.


I fangirled too much in this post, huh?

ah well. It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt this passionate gah, and I need to be especially since this year hasn’t been good to me irl and I want a place where I can express myself without the fear of being judged for fangirling over a fictional ship.


It’s late and I should be sleeping by now.

Gods and I have so much to talk about but my body is too tired. ORZ

Maybe tomorrow.

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