I can’t believe it’s December already.

Great….I don’t think I have done as much as I wanted to this year because of my severe depression for the first six to seven months of 2022, LOL.

Speaking of which, this week has been so mentally and physically exhausting for me. I had to deal with very stressful errands and a dreadful luteal phase. :/

New hormonal spot, high libido, fatigue and terrible mood swings/ crying spells, haha. ‘Gotta love having to withdraw myself for a week so I don’t involve people with my demonic self, pfft.

Esp the new spots! >__<. Honestly, making me ugly too as if those mood swings weren’t bad enough to cripple my self-esteem, lol.

I’ve confided with others about this and since Rin is my fandom/art partner in crime, she told me how she noticed that every week before I get my period, I get a huge dip in inspiration and motivation which makes sense given how my pms hormones are like. Although it made me realise that I need to plan my schedule with my period because unfortunately, in my case, the luteal phase is where everything goes down south. I barely have any energy left and get more depressed than the usual .

….and I get irritated easily.

Thankfully, I got a visit from Aunt Flo today. It would suck for the next two days because it’s going to be filled with excruciating cramps and lethargy but I noticed that my mood brightens up and I get more motivated to draw once my period comes in. Just that the uncomfortable, heavy bleeding gets in the way, haha.

Aaaaand here comes the fatigue. I feel too sleepy to continue babbling about this. ORZ

‘Will post more next week, I hope. 🙂

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