no life

yoinks I’m so out of practice with Blood+ characters. I need to practice drawing them again. :/

I’m not in a decent mood atm.

y’know that period when you suddenly cannot draw anything and get so frustrated you want to give up because nothing seems to turn out alright? I’m currently having that . Makes me want to pull my hair out because of all that exasperation, lol.

Anyway the comic was an idea from December 7 in a telegram chat. It’s obviously a spongebob reference but…

this is literally Haji.

I’m not even kidding. This is what he does in canon.

So spoilers under the cut:

Saya is an immortal vampire queen who goes into hibernation for thirty years every 3 years…


and what does Haji (who’s also an immortal vampire but doesn’t have the hibernation trait) do for all those years?

He literally spends them waiting.

three decades of killing time, waiting for his queen to wake up.

This guy…..

..has no life, haha. I‘m so sorry, Haji.

How in Ra’s name did he even stay sane living that kind of life for more than a hundred years?

He’s a victim of Fujisaku’s twisted writing. I don’t know what Shoujo manga Fujisaku based the series’ “romance” on (if it was even a romance because it seemed one sided af for the entire series) but it must have been so toxic because this is not how you show your love towards someone.

He sacrificed everything for Saya, dude doesn’t even drink blood because of her. (A vampire who needs blood to live and heal) His entire being revolves around her. What’s even worse is that Saya was so oblivious to him and his sacrifices, and had more intimate moments with her best friend and her roommate in Vietnam, haha.

That’s why I cannot ship him and Saya at all.

Even Fujisaku’s responses don’t help justify the ship at all.

In the interview in the Materials Settings book 2, Fujisaku mentioned how the most popular guy character was Solomon and the fangirls much preferred him to end up with Saya rather than Haji. Fujisaku must have been surprised because from that interview, because he seemed a bit dismayed that Haji wasn’t what most of the fans wanted for Saya. (After all, it’s self-evident that Haji was just created to be Saya’s love interest.)

I’m like, Solomon may be an incel creep but he had more personality than Haji so obviously the former was going to be shipped to Saya more.

Low bar there, haha. But compared to Haji, who has a flat character and served as a mere utility, Solomon stands out.

Also, even worse.

in a 2015 fan interview, he mentioned that Haji and Saya both ended up together in canon because it would be a waste if Haji who was devoted to Saya for a hundred years would not end up with her. So Saya returned his feelings out of pity, essentially….which is a crappy foundation for a relationship.

Can you imagine your long time crush returning your feelings because they felt pitiful over how much time you dedicated to appeasing them? haha.

It’s so…fucked up. It’s an obvious comphet. He basically implied that Saya was obligated to like him back in the last episode. ugh.


I ship him with Gie, ofc. So I don’t hate Haji, haha. I’m just frustrated with how Fujisaku wrote him. He had so much potential but didn’t do anything with it. It took me and Rin like two weeks to headcanon his personality.(almost make him from scratch)and to write an arc to develop his character more for the better.

Though, as Rin said, our Haji is 90% headcanon because canon gave us such little character to work from, lol.

I just think that it would make for a more compelling story if Haji learns to let go of Saya and live for himself. Not depriving himself of everything just to appease the person he loves.

And he needs to move on and find someone more suitable to him //cough//Gie//cough//

Gods. I rant about this a lot, haha.

Sorry. ^^;;

I can’t believe I’m staying up late just to rant about a character from a 2005 anime, lol.

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