I’ve been pretty occupied with balancing a comic commission and personal project comics so I apologise if I haven’t posted as much. ^^;;

But, since one of my NY goals is to post wips, I’ll post them on soc med…tomorrow. (because I’m too tired to get a wip shot).

One of them is NSFW though, and I might have to censor them on twitter and tumblr. Uncensored version is here ofc but yeahhh..

It is very difficult to make a nsfw comic. Gods, I had to collect a variety of references for them: BL, typical seinen hentai, etc. for me to study and…

I hate seeing ahegao faces, lol.

Or any other faces that resemble that. The very voyeuristic and exaggerated sex expressions..turns me the heck off, haha. I know anime /manga or cartoons generally exaggerate expressions (that’s what the style is for) and sex is no exception but I cannot get behind ahegao/ahegao-ish faces at all. Feels…forced? I’m not sure if that’s the right term for it but something like that.

Obviously, if you like it, that’s fine. It’s just a total buzzkill when I read hentai (and even some BL have those kinds of faces) and I see those. Like entire tongue out and some gooey expression that is hard to explain properly.

I think that’s when my support for “realism” comes in, at least when it comes to sex expressions. I want something that’s a lttle exaggerated with the typical animu blush but also an expression that’s subtle but expressive at the same time? Not over the top and very voyeuristic. Just natural-looking, more emotionally driven with soft grunts and moan and the use of body language/gestures when expressing their love and lust.

Although hentai gonna hentai. They’re pretty much known for voyeurism and heavily exaggerated sexual expressions (emotions? what emotions?) but still, they could try to lessen the use of that, haha.

I wanna talk more but I’m really sleepy. ORZ

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