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kind of getting annoyed at youtube videos capitalising on criticising Buccal Fat removal being a trend, lol.

Not that I’m pro buccal fat removal, I’m against commodification of women’s bodies and turning them into trends but honestly, the way they talk about it it’s as if hundreds of women are falling in line with getting one is what bothers me.

Sorry if it’s an unpopular opinion,

omg millie they’re criticising it and giving their opinion, how is it annoying?

I get plastic surgeons talking about the dangers of it since they have experience and they can explain how dangerous it is in through science and medical talk but like, many youtubers with fucking clickbait titles of “OMG everyone is obsessed with buccal fat removal” is more damaging than whatever tiktok pushes imho.

Okay, maybe I was being too harsh with saying they’re worse than tiktok trends, haha.

Rather, these videos fuel more insecurity because you listen to these videos and then they talk about how ” omg it’s everywhere, it’s what’s in, it’s trendy and everyone wants to have it, heroin chic is back hurrr” and then it distorts your perception. Now you end up thinking everyone wants to have their cheeks removed and look like a 90s skinny runway chic. and now you even feel worse off than before and want to have that because everyone apparently wants it when it’s not true.

NOT everyone wants it.

Yeah, it’s being hyped by tiktok influencers. by the media and celebs . Yeah, maybe it’s what’s “in” but I doubt loads of teens or women are getting it.. If they do, it’s mostly western influencers or rich women who are on tiktok 24/7 …. which, the last two are a niche.

I’m pretty sure most women who want that high cheekbone look prefer to use contour. I doubt many would want to spend on thousands for a risky surgery especially in this economy. And it’s also a very western centric thinking as well by assuming that most women want those sharp, runway features.

I don’t think Japanese women, for example are getting their buccal fat removed. Soft cheeks are still what’s in in East Asia and I’m certain they’re still acceptable in the Western world. Not the current ideal perhaps (?) but it’s not out of fashion or something that makes you “unattractive.”

Like eugh, maybe I’m being a grumpy, old fart but seriosuly, these people need to go out and touch the grass.

Tiktok isn’t reality.

Yeah there are studies that tiktok, social media in general does damage self-esteem and I’m not discrediting them. I think if you’re on it all the friggin’ time, you would feel bad about yourself. I know I struggled with self esteem problems when I was on IG often but that’s a different story. What I’m criticising are the videos exaggerating this bullshit, acting as if everyone wants to look like a western runway, high fashion model and get their cheeks removed, even though most teens I see don’t even look like tiktok people.

And teenagers aren’t a friggin’ monolith who’ll do whatever tiktok pushes, lol. There are a lot of hippie, non-conformist teens who do a huge fuck you to wahtever is popular. And there are also a lot of teens who don’t even use tiktok.


do these youtubers not think they’re also contributing to this mess?

And really, knowing how tiktok is, that trend would just last a month and they’ll jump to a new trend, lol.

well it’s clickbait millie that’s how it is. they need that ad revenue. no need to get worked up about it

Even so. Videos like these act as if they care so much about women being commodified and how beauty standards are toxic and maybe they do and it’s good to point out about women’s bodies being turned into a trend…

and yet, adding more fuel to the fire by distorting their audience’s perception by acting as if everyone wants to look like that and thereby making them even more insecure afterwards because they’re now getting ideas as if it’s everywhere.


Sorry again for being salty. I know I sound petty, maybe I am being petty, haha but damn, I just keep getting recommended new videos about these stuff and I listened to some of them because I was curious and I wanted to listen to stuff while drawing. But I got irritated in the end because of their shared assumptions acting as if everyone is chasing the same look irl when it’s not true.



End of salty rant, lol.

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