Basically, I uploaded a preview pic of an R18 commission I did and then suddenly had my ko-fi page unpublished…\

Though could be because I also linked my R18 blogsite too.

I made a big oopsie.ORZ

I read again their ToS from the links and damn, it’s become really more specific than the last time I read it a few years ago. Like, even previews aren’t allowed?

Maybe I should have tagged my account as NSFW back then although I don’t mostly draw nsfw hence why I didn’t tag it in the first place when i made my account there.


This friggin’ sucks. It’s within 7 days not exactly after 7 days but still, I worry about them not responding at all even though I submitted a form and took down that nsfw-ish image in my ko-fi site.

The least they could do was do a tumblr and just flag that post instead of my entire ko-fi page, y’know. >__>


they better respond and put it back. I’m payin’ for their gold plan, haha. 50 usd per year ain’t a small amount.


lesson learned. NEVER EVER post anything that’s even mildly nsfw there especially since my kofi account wasn’t made for nsfw stuff.

Here’s my alternative tip jar/donation link while Ko-fi is currently evaluating my submission ^_^;;:

But that was so fast. Like just a few minutes after posting it, I get slammed with this. Bots be getting too smart. >:/

I remember an artist mentioning how the internet isn’t friendly to artists (back when elon musk was the new ceo of twitter) especially to artists who draw nsfw and even if they wanted to get out of twitter which has become more filled with bigots ever since he ook over, but they can’t because of the limitations that many platforms have set and it is true, unfortunately. I get why they’re very strict with porn content to avoid CP and all those gross stuff, but they don’t really have to also ban ethical/legal erotica/art.

ah well.

I have a lot to draw this week so gotta grind!

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