why do wisdom teeth even exist?

fucking hurts when the anaesthesia wears off.Need to take painkillers.

And it’s just 1/2 teeth because my dentist thought that it might be too overwhelming for me especially since it’s my first time getting my teeth extracted. So I’ll probably get my second one extracted next month and I’m not looking forward for another week of eating soft foods and doing barely any exercise, lol.

The feeling of being awake while the dentist is extracting your tooth under topical anaesthesia is so weird though.

Anything that requires anaesthesia freaks me out tbh. Didn’t help Dad scared me telling me how anaesthesiology is one of the most difficult specialisations in medicine and the most critical in a surgery. Can’t have too much or too little.or else…..

….bad things happen for both the patient and the surgeon.

Gods, And I’m not even allowed to drink coffee for a few days too. The caffeine withdrawal is gonna be such a pain in the arse to deal with especially when I need to be drawing more this weekend. Storyboard, thumbnail. etc.

And I need that caffeine to keep me awake. ORZ

also forgot it’s Chinese New Year tomorrow. I was wondering why there were fireworks here, lol.

mmm not sure if I’ll draw something for it. My mind is pretty blank atm (I’m drowsy af) but maybe a simple chibi bunny/ rabbit drawing? Ryou probably cuz he’s always the sweet little bunny mascot here\.

idk. depends.

Need to sleep. Goodnight.

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