3/4 of the storyboard FINISHED!!! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

It’s all blobs, haha. But that’s how my BTS is. It’s uhh..something I can only decipher, lol.

I have to use a multi-ink ballpoint pen for this since it’s convenient for changing colours at a whim. Different colours like red and blue help to identify where the speech balloons are meant to be located, and the detail/description of every panel, respectively.

You can see that I just printed out some random storyboard template I found online since my Midori Storyboard notebook has ran out of pages and it’s a limited edition from..2017-18(?) so I can’t buy it anymore, ORZ.

I like this template though because it has that Midori storyboard format I was looking for, minus the url and logo of the website below, lol.

‘Gonna use this storyboard template for future comics. (^v^)

Geez, doing all these made me miss making comic projects like this.. (ಥ _ʖಥ)

Sigh. I barely drew any doujins/comic projects for the past two years come to think of it. I used to be super passionate with making them and I dunno what exactly caused my exasperation with it.

What went wrong, I wonder.

Was it because I felt that the effort I put in there didn’t match up to the reception which led to losing motivation?

Real life tragedies and stress?

Comic-making fatigue?

Fixation on stats? ((You spent so many hours, weeks on drawing that comic but barely received any feedback? You suck and you’re just wasting your life being a total failure nobody appreciates anyway.))

Impostor syndrome? ((You’re not a real artist if you barely do single illustration! Remember when you opened commissions for the first time in 2021, you couldn’t find many decent single illsutration for samples because you were too occupied in making comics for the past four years. illogical I know but my brain is dumb))

An Existenstial Crisis? ((Can you imagine wasting a lot of time of your life on those silly projects? You should value your life and do “insert conventional goals that society will find aspirational and ideal” instead) )

FOMO? ((No no, people don’t like your comics. They prefer “Insert mainstream and popular stuff” Doing that just makes you obscure. Don’t you know those stuff you make are so passe and everyone wants this and that. ))

Hmm…probably all of those.

Sucks having so many dreadful, depressing thoughts like these come up most of the time, lol.

But I need to stop self-sabotaging myself. It’s such a bad habit.

And I like making comics. I love making visual stories and well, if people don’t care…

I care and I like doing it and that’s enough for me, lol.


I’ll do the last part tomorrow and thumbnail the day after it. Need to sleep.

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