I was suffering from some period cramps yesterday (god, sucks to have periods lol) so I thought of playing some FataMoru. I’m currently at the third door and just a few minutes in, this character has already earned my ire and resentment, lol.

This door takes place in the Victorian era, late 19th century so period of rapid industrialisation and you had these fucking scum exploiting the hell out of the poor and working class. Wait, what am I talking about? It still happens to this day, lol.

This is something I really love about FataMoru. All too often, Anime/manga and just media in general love to romanticise the rich aristocrats and nobility, always making them look so fancy and pretty, have stories almost often revolve around them. If there’s a poor person, it’s almost always very individualistic with them marrying to the upper ecehlons of society/ monarchy and “Living Happily ever after.” Never mind the other poor people who are propping their luxurious lifestyles up with their taxes, haha (esp in the case of monarchies).

bleh! (ノ`Д´)ノ~┻━┻

FataMoru actually is very critical of the rich. You can see how the poor characters criticise some of the rich characters like them being able to be kind, polite and gentle when the poor cannot because of their material conditions. Even a poor lad in the VN mentions how it’s so easy to say to move out of a place when you have money but if you’re impoverished or not well-off, it would be difficult to even move out and let go of the place you grew up in.

Honestly, it was so refreshing seeing that. History and the media tend to often overlook the peasants, the serfs, the colonised people, the slaves and always prop up the rich and royalty. Even until now, people still love to romanticise Marie Antoinette and other versailles crap. I’m like, gods…..why?! smh.

Or like the Romanov family which I mean, sucks that the entire family was killed but like, nobody cares what brought about the revolution. Like how the Russian peasants (who were the majority of the country mind you lol) have had enough of their monarchy just sending them to all die in a war they didn’t even want and letting them starve and suffer so much while they live in luxury. Mainstream Historians love to gloss over that and instead, focus on the oh-so-poor, poor rich royal parasites living off sooo extravagantly on the backs of the suffering workers. (;¬_¬)

(Rin even mentioned that in the UK, they’re mostly taught of the royal inbreds’ lives and not much of the imperialism that Britain subjected to so many countries around the world. ugh.)

It’s utterly disgusting and it’s a huge sign that history when being taught generally needs to be reformed or changed, imho. There needs to be a huge emphasis on the class struggle. Something that begets class consciousness and solidarity among the working and poor people.

TLDR; I’m sick and tired of this constant glorification of opulence and the rich which is why I adore this VN, lol.

That, and the VN kinda had a “couple” that had so much deathshipping vibes it made me realise that I should resume with the AUU. How long has it been since I last update it? two years, gah. (๏д๏)

So much deathshipping vibes earlier on. I’m like, man, just keep giving it to me make me more inspired to finish that story haha.

໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

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