The recent news had me very stressed and depressed about a lot of stuff so I kinda fell into a deep rut for the past few days, ORZ.

It really sucks being so powerless and watching people get effed up in the arse by the rich and greedy. sighhhhhh.

Don’t understand why the US keeps barking for goddamn war and then they use other countries as fucking proxies. I fucking hate how some Americans treat as if War is some sports game and entertainment because they’ve never been on the receiving end of war. They’ve never had war in their grounds meanwhile other weaker and poorer countries get used as canon fodder and a chessboard for the US imperialist wolves. It’s never fucking enough for those at the top. So many people will die all because the US can’t stand being number 2. Also to hell with the compr***** of these proxy countries. US Lapdogs are the worst.



‘been timeboxing my playthrough of FataMoru. One hour of playing it each day and….my, my, a huge surprise with Michel, 0__0

I actually kind of saw it coming, ngl. But I didn’t know it was true!

I have a “friends with benefit” ship in the VN, haha. And by that, it’s not exactly romance but more driven by lust, heh. >:3C

(and affection.)

I mean, I can see WHG 2 falling in love with Yukimasa but I can’t see the latter doing so to the former which is sad but well, that’s how it is. It’s actually the first time I had a ship of this kind. ^^;;>

The faces look wonky. ORZ. What even is anatomy?

I hate being rusty. I’ll do better next time.

Poor Pauline.

but I think Pauline deserves someone else. Someone that’s not Yukimasa,.

Maybe an adult version of Javi, haha.

I don’t ship Pauline and Javi romantically as Javi is a kid/preteen (?) so I ship them as a platonic sibling ship.

Although ngl, if Javi actually wasn’t a kid and was featured in the VN as an adult, I’d definitely ship Pauline and Javi because their personalities give room for so much chemistry.❤️