My workspace is so messy, gah. I really have to clean tomorrow.


That’s one of the things I hate with depressive episodes. I get such a lack of motivation and energy that I couldn’t be bothered to tidy the place at all, lol.

Well, I’ll be cleaning up the entire room tomorrow. No excuses!

On another note, I also played some Fata Morgana today and I thought I could screenshot the handsome portraits of my blorbo from the series, haha.

GODS, He’s so fucking HOT!

He looks so much like Ryou but with a very masculine and mature appearance. ( neck muscles!)

Even the first time I encountered him in the VN, I referred to him as Ryou’s real dad, haha. And Ryou’s ancestor. >>

This guy has it so rough. A million more times of a woobie than Ryou and Gie but I love all three white haired boys the same. <3333

But damn, I LOVE the art style of Fata Morgana. I need to study how the artist rendered the details, heh. Look at dat hair and thsoe mesmerising eyes!

Need… know…their…techniques…..

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