I may have overestimated myself. ORZ

I thought making a short monochromatic mirror! puppyshipping comic would only take a few days but I was wrong, lol. And it’s already Tuesday night of this week.

Although, to be fair, my computer has been super slow since late last week. It froze frequently last weekend that I couldn’t even do a proper stroke or click on CSP without restarting on its own sometimes so I had to update the system. Which took an hour or so, lol.

I know it’s my fault for not updating my computer in years but from my experience, most apple updates make the device slower and I didn’t want that to happen again. I was already comfortable with this 2-3 year old system until a few weeks ago where I noticed it was freezing more. It wasn’t the storage as I keep most stuff in hard drives, so there was lots of storage space available, and I only have a few applications.

Bleh. Friggin’ Apple. I decided to update the OS and….so far, no slower stuff…..

not yet anyway. >__>

At least, it’s not as bad as the one last weekend.

And another part of that slowness is me being out of momentum with comics unlike before where I’d be quick because I made comics as if they were a regular drawing activity (and I also wasn’t that paralysed with perfectionism) but now, I may have slowed down. T__T

I think I can get through this like the old days, though. It’s getting the ball rolling that’s the most difficult part but it can be done.

I’m currently balancing two comic strips at the same time, haha. Both YGO ..but I also wanna draw some Hagie AU at the same time, heh.

Here’s a WIP shot of the Mirror! pup comic:

Gotta get rid of those ink dots looking at it now, haha. Gods, my eyes are getting worse.

A friendly, kind looking Kaiba still throws me off slightly but not like before where I just cringed whenever I drew him like that, haha.


I jsut realised.

I forgot to post that Mirror! Jou chibi on Tumblr and Twitter, gah.

I’ll promise to post that and this tomorrow morning cuz I feel sleepy right now typing this, and there’s a new spot on my face cuz my sleeping schedule lfor the last two weeks have been so irregular, ORZ.

People have been commenting how absent minded I have been lately. Forgetting and misplacing my things. ugh…..

I guess that messed up sleep pattern has caused so much brain fog and lack of focus.

So I’m fixing it. I’ll get behind on a decent sleep schedule this week. ^^/