or to anyone who reads this blog,

forgive me for I have committed the egregious sin of….

….. doomscrolling in twitter for hours today.

I should really timebox my twitter usage. ORZ

The problem is twitter is such a time sucker. I didn’t know I’ve been spending so much time scrolling especially with socio-, economic and geopolitics which…well, let’s say I worry for what will happen to my home in the near future, lol.

We are treading on very dangerous waters, that’s for sure.

Twitter political discourse is of course, generally unproductive imho because I feel like most people there are in an echochamber. I know it’s quite cynical of me to say this but you can’t really change a person’s opinion there from what I’ve seen. It’s probably possible for like 1 percent of people there I guess, but 99%, it’s doubling down on their stance, haha. Like the whole “fuck you you’re blocked” method most people do.

Obviously, this isn’t exclusive to twitter. Tumblr and the likes have that too but man, ever since the NSFW ban, tumblr has gotten more chill and I’d go as far as to say it’s much better than current twitter now.

I don’t really wanna talk much about politics here but I just ended up in the political sphere of twitter and kept scrolling and scrolling until I felt too fucking pessimistic to do anything worthwhile. The threads were very heated and despite being super doomer and negative, I still felt drawn to reading more and more.


I must be a masochist but I’m writing this to help me become more mindful of that doomscrolling habit.

And I have a different account for that stuff, it’s not my art twitter btw. Although I dont engage in debates there, I do follow too many people in the meme/socio-political area of twitter and they have a lot of those threads and arguments and ngl, it’s not really doing me any good atm.

I’m very aware of how the world is and how the system is making things worse but..its so exhausting to keep reading it. I’m getting too anxious and depressed the more I read them.

So starting tomorrow up until the end of this month, no using that twitter. (except art twitter)

10 minutes of reading the news, thats it.

Going to focus on art instead of reading too much news and commentary. That’s the priority.

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