On art studies and procrastinating


I had a lot of epiphanies last week.

One of them was having a different technique to “art studies.”

It dawned on me that my approach to art studies was…Not to say that it was wrong but it was ineffectual long term. I felt like my old method of doing it for the past few years, as much as it helped me in some anatomy bits, like muscles, It didn’t really improve my art as much as I’d hope to.

Now ofc I’ll still do figure studies and art warmups but the classic method of art studies I did every weekend generally didn’t prove effective and made me procrastinate more rather than produce more.

Yeah quality over quantity but the method I was fixated with for years begets more perfectionism which leads me to procrastinate because of this compulsion to having to master something before applying. An example would be having to perfect a head before I can actually make an illustration that has the head.

Aside from it encouraging more procrastination, it ends up becoming very tedious. It’s really tiring having to do the same muscular anatomy studies all over again.

So, I changed my approach to a “Study as You Go.” method which was recommended by my partner in crime. It’s doing art studies while working on a piece instead of doing art studies as a separate category of drawings and I find it more effective in terms of productivity and increasing skill.

A good example would be….

The hagie comic from the latest post (black and white one).

That was actually an idea from two months ago that I finished this Monday. (It was in the Unfinished folder, haha.)

When I opened it in its wip state from two months ago, I was cringing at how bad my anatomy was, haha.

I know it’s typical of the WIP and the finished product to be this different but this was just from two months ago and I can’t believe that the way I drew the necks were…off.

Not to say that the version from this week is perfect, I can definitely see mistakes there, haha but I learned a whole lot more while doing the “Study as you go” method rather than the classic method I’ve been using since. It didn’t feel tedious and I was actually drawing something and being productive.

It felt good.

The classic art study method is useful in some areas ofc (for practice) and I’m not going to stop doing it.It’s beneficial in a few situations but for now, I think I’ll stick to the new one. The old one led to just more perfectionism anxiety and procrastination. ^^;;

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