Pinterest inspo

I was feeling super uninspired today so I thought I could use Pinterest for getting me out of that, lol.

It’s been a long time since I touched the app. 6 months I think? It used to be one of those sources of getting my ass working on art, haha.

I seem to have forgotten about it…

Must be because of RL stress and other non art related interests..

and lo, and behold, so much inspiration juices came flowing, haha.

It inspires me but at the same time, it demotivates me when I see all those really gorgeous artworks that are recommended there and I’m like “why are you all so good?” /sobs///.

Seriously, my art looks like total shite when next to them, haha. //bows head in shame//

‘Such a contradictory feeling but I shall remain humble and use them as motivation to improve my art! (While I silently weep)

And draw more!

Just have to put a time limit on the app though. I easily get carried away and scroll endlessly so I’m going to put it on a 30 minute screen time limit each day, heh. Every weekday, perhaps?

For those days of classic art studies on my sketchbook, (preferably on a Saturday and Sunday), , maybe I’ll ignore the limits for that.

My art has been… very stagnant so far unfortunately so I will have to utilize some styles and reference I pinned there. I need to experiment and try different ones to get my juices flowing ^^;;

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