HEAT WAVE and some doodles

I ain’t dead, lol.

Man, almost three weeks of not posting art, sorry. ORZ

But as stated in my last post here, I’ve been doing some grinding with art stuff. ^^;;

I also got a new iPad so that I’m able to draw anywhere and post more. Yay! 😄

///weeps in broke////

It actually took me a LOOOONG time to get one because apple products are fucking expensive and I couldn’t justify having to spend so much for it. Especially when I still have the iPad Air 2 which doesn’t have the Apple Pencil, but is still a high quality tablet. ( it’s been with me since 2015/16)

And my sister had one and kept insisting that she’ll give her iPad to me since she won’t need it after her boards So I thought, well since she’s going to give that to me sometime soon, I won’t have to buy one anymore. I don’t want that iPad of hers to go to waste and I’m used to second hand stuff anyway, lol.

Well, two years went by and she still hasn’t given it to me yet. Initially, for the past two years, I didn’t mind because I had my huion and I could easily work around esp since the temperature wasn’t as bad as it is now. And 2022 wasn’t exactly a happy year for me, lol so I didn’t really find much passion with drawing .

But a month ago, I found myself needing a portable screen tablet desperately, something that I could use anywhere because the fucking weather here has been terrible. And by terrible, it was literally 40 degrees C the other day!!! Generally, the past month has been in the 35-40 temp range (heat index and humidity) that it’s been soooo fucking difficult to focus with the fatigue and discomfort. The heat is just too brutal.

It also doesn’t help that according to some weather reporters, this scorching hell of a heat wave is going to last quite a long time. I can’t take that because that would mean less art productivity so I decided to bite the bullet and spend for an iPad.

My workspace has been an oven for weeks and I’ve just been drawing whenever it’s cool enough that I don’t get a heatstroke, lol.

(I also got pissy at my sister having led me on with that >__>)

But I think it’s a good investment or I hope it is, haha. Of course the computer and Wacom/Huion is more powerful esp for high res works but I’m able to access digital art anywhere and anytime I want with this which is a huge plus. Besides, the iPad is mostly for regular doodles and sketches, not ultra polished works,

In this oppressive heat, in the long run, I’ll lose more time and efficiency because I can’t be on my workspace for too long.

There’s traditional art, but they can be very bulky especially in short trips and can be time consuming. So..there’s that?

Anyway, I’ve been trying to adjust with procreate. It’s very difficult especially with the gesture controls. I’m very used to CSP on my computer and the shortcuts in procreate threw me off for a while.

I’m still getting used to some of the tools and shortcuts so here are some artworks I did with it in the past few days.

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