I forgot to post this, ORZ.

It’s also one of the series of practice doodles I did on Procreate.

Seeing it after a few days, I can see how it looks off. Rin critiqued one of my artworks recently and she mentioned that I didn’t have a wide range of values and how it looked quite bland when in greyscale and she’s right, gah.

Values are very difficult and something I overlook a lot despite it being a fundamental in art so it’s something I have to practice with more.

Also, This is just some random Mirror! Jou stuff. I still don’t have any “official” designs for him atm but he’s very metrosexual in appearance compared to the canon one and leans more to gothic/punk style (Like Mirror! Ryou) hence why I make sure he has some eyeliner and makeup there, lol.

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