I got too heated in one post that I just privated it, lol. I thought I could repost it someday but with a better tone and no typo error. :’D

It’ll stay there in my privated stuff for the meantime.

Anyway, the weather has been unpredictable lately. I mean it rained the other day which was good I thought, we need some cooling but then rain didn’t do shit with the temperature. It was actually more humid right after it rained, ugh. (And it rained for just like 2 minutes too.)

So far it’s still scorching hot. I nearly got a heat stroke last week so..welp. need to hydrate more than the usual.

Ppl generalize that countries that receive a lot of sunshine are happier but it’s pretty much doing the opposite to me, it’s making me more hot tempered and frustrated, lol.

And lethargic! The heat ruins the heck out of your productivity.

Gods I can’t wait for this heatwave to be over.

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