I spent so many hours today on continuing the comic and redoing /revising facial expressions, lol. Gods, just fucking kill me, haha. All this from my friggin passion for a niche series and ship. I’ll make a post here dedicated to the fancomic’s process pics and its BTS stuff after I’m through with it because … Continue reading zzzz….


B+ doodles from last weekend. I’m still working on the comics, ORZ. I don’t care about what anyone says I ship these two like crazy. :’D


A half body ,full colour commission of Atem (who underwent a face tattoo ritual for being a Saker young priest) for @HuntressAhrui ❤


Posting some casual drawings of blood plus as I continue to work on comics and other stuff I need to finish. ^^;; Ahhh…comics….They’re such a pain in the arse to do that I often find myself wondering why I even do them in the first place esp with fan comics, lol. But as they say, … Continue reading bleh


Sorry for my idleness for the past week, ORZ. I was busy with doing storyboards and thumbnails for future fancomics, ehehe. I’ve also been fangirling with Rin about a new favourite ship from Blood+ that isn’t canon (but blood+ canon “romance” sucks especially with their comphet haha).haji and saya had absolutely no chemistry at all. … Continue reading working

BLOOD+ Kairene ~After Wedding~

Hello. I had a bad stomach bug the entire weekend, ORZ. Anyway, I finished the comic I was working on last year. It happens after Kai and Irene got married and I wanted an excuse to draw all the Schiff members ^^; thanks to Rin for all the help here <3333


Today I was rewatching two episodes of Blood+ with Rin since yesterday mostly to rehabilitate myself from my personal trauma that comes attached with this series. The story is that I was getting into Blood + for the second time (since 2006?) last year and I was making Blood+ fancomics when I was notified of … Continue reading Refresh


Special Chibi Commission for DarkFluffy98 who wanted their YGO OC in a Domino High School Uniform. 🏫💚


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