Other places where I can be found:

✦ Tumblr– for art and other short-form ramblings /blurbs

Twitter – Only for art. (used as backup / art storage in case stuff happens. )

 AO3 – where I post a few comic one-shots and plot comics (Doujinshi, as other people would term it.)

 Comic blog (WordPress) – for all comic stories/projects; where images in AO3 are embedded from.

 Instagram – I barely update there atm and I might just use it for traditional artworks if I ever make them, lol.


COMMISSIONS PAGE -commissions site

2015-2020 Diary/Blog – First “serious” blog that I started in 2015. (stopped updating it on 12 Jan 2021)

R-18 Blog -where I post my nsfw trash lol. Do not click if you’re below 18 years of age! (COMING SOON)

last updated: 1.11.2021