Posted on my nsfw blog just now.

I should be drawing lots of r18 art. I’m Pretty rusty with drawing genitals and naked subjects hence why the art looks weird and deformed, lol.

Gonna do art studies of those for tomorrow.

it’s almost 2 am…

…And I’m still awake, lol. wtf.

I may have worked on some comic strips for too long I forgot how much time had passed. ^^

It’s a shame that I haven’t posted much this week but the good news is, I’m grinding a whole lot for the past few days which means I can post more art on twitter and tumblr next week. (^人^)

There’s the comic commission which i got a bit stuck on in the last part but I managed to sort them out. I just need more references to get online for the backgrounds, haha.

I’m also nearly done with a….two year old, short Mirror! puppyshipping comic idea. It’s monochrome so it’s quick, haha but I’ve always wanted to finish that idea. (Will post the BTS of it here if I remember….)

Screw perfectionism! I started a comic with two characters, Seto and Jou that I have difficulty drawing with.

I’m tired of procrastinating because of perfectionism and external approval. What did I even achieve compared to back when I was a big amateur in drawing but brimming with passion, enthusiasm and having no fucks to give?

Rin was right when she told me recently that I lost sight of what my reason was for drawing.

All that enthusiasm in my later art was drowned out because I ended up focusing too much on the technical aspect of something over letting loose and being fun.

Nothing wrong with wanting to improve. After all, those problems only came to me when I started being serious with art. But I ended up fixating on that. I don’t even think of the ship or characters in the art anymore, I kept focusing on what is wrong on the technical level.

Which is unfortunate. I ended up doing the opposite. I got so caught up with technicality that I lost a lot of my passion.

I realised eventually that it’s better to have flawed artworks and comics instead of not doing them at all for fear of them being “ugly” or imperfect.

Like, this mirror! puppy comic might have a lot of mistakes. The panelling might be off, the pacing too quick in one area, anatomy and proportion mistakes, etc..but that’s okay.

I’ll still post it because it’s better to post something that is not perfect instead of letting the ideas gather dust and not see the light of day.

I’ll never be perfect but I don’t want to waste all these ideas and headcanons.

I will definitely finish all our passion projects! ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨

No more perfectionism procrastination!

Anyway, my lack of sleep is catching up as I type this, lol.

I’ll continue with my blabber tomorrow.


My workspace is so messy, gah. I really have to clean tomorrow.


That’s one of the things I hate with depressive episodes. I get such a lack of motivation and energy that I couldn’t be bothered to tidy the place at all, lol.

Well, I’ll be cleaning up the entire room tomorrow. No excuses!

On another note, I also played some Fata Morgana today and I thought I could screenshot the handsome portraits of my blorbo from the series, haha.

GODS, He’s so fucking HOT!

He looks so much like Ryou but with a very masculine and mature appearance. ( neck muscles!)

Even the first time I encountered him in the VN, I referred to him as Ryou’s real dad, haha. And Ryou’s ancestor. >>

This guy has it so rough. A million more times of a woobie than Ryou and Gie but I love all three white haired boys the same. <3333

But damn, I LOVE the art style of Fata Morgana. I need to study how the artist rendered the details, heh. Look at dat hair and thsoe mesmerising eyes!

Need… know…their…techniques…..


I’ve been doing a “refresher” with comics since I’m quite out of practice with it and boyyy, panelling and pacing are still the most difficult parts in making comics for me. ORZ

Various Angles, perspective, composition…what a friggin’ migraine. (;😉

But I need to improve! So I’ll have to do more studying especially since someone commissioned me to make a ygo comic for them, heh.

I have to do my best! ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨

Speaking of YGO, I really miss drawing the characters especially my ships.

Blood+ is nice and all but the characters in my ships are……..pale/light skinned, lol. Not that I don’t like light-skinned characters but I really miss colouring darker skin tones. I find brown skin to be more fun to paint and shade especially when it comes to muscles.

Well, I’ll do some de-rusting sketch studies of my ygo blorbos. After all, I need to do that for the commission and I have some comic shorts of them to finish this year.

Lol, I can’t believe I wrote about my PMS mood swings the other night, :’D


I think I’ll still be taking a social media break up until this Sunday since I have some planning, drafting, and anatomy studies to do this week. ^^ (That, and revisioning a commission.)

Anatomy, composition and values are my huge weaknesses so I thought aside from only revisioning the commission, I could dedicate a few days to also focus on evaluating and bettering my skills.