Commission 23.2

Commission 2 of 2 for Narnia: A full body illustration with Goku Black wearing this smart casual clothing. ^_^

TBH I had difficulty with this since I’m quite out of practice with colours/painting and I also wanted to experiment.

Timelapse of the illustration under the cut 🙂

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Commission 23.1

Commission 1 of 2 for Narnia : A chibi illustration of Goku Black (Rose) Chibi 🌹

I was supposed to post this yesterday but I was occupied with some rl stuff. ORZ


Anyway, timelapse of the chibi below if there are ppl who are interested. I thought of starting to add timlapses for commissioned works as a bonus, hope you guys don’t mind. ^^;;>

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Commission 11

I’ve been irritated at Gmail for bugging on me and not sending my mail to some of my clients. >_>


(( To my clients/those who commissioned me since clients sound too posh for my pleb self haha; Rest assured though that I send the full artworks to your e-mails straight before I post them to social media so please notify me asap if you haven’t received them but still saw them in my blog or smth. ^^. ))


I finished this full illust (chibi) commission for Darkfluffy98 who wanted a dark/guardian angel Jounouchi in a bright environment. Thank you for your commission, dear! <33333