Short Comic – Detangle

‘Back from the countryside and finished this short comic today ๐Ÿ˜€

I kept the colouring style simple and basic. I tried to resist getting carried away and making it detailed, ehe…It’s a bad habit of mine to suddenly make everything detailed when it’s not necessary.

Not as appealing as I’d like it to be but it’s a start, I guess.



This chibi art is my excuse to draw a pie I recently came to love (and crave!) with my favourite ship.

So the story is, I tried some Lemon Cream Pie a few months ago and I never expected to end up falling in love with its taste and velvety texture, haha. I was never a fan of lemon-y desserts like lemon cakes, lemon squares, etc. because I couldn’t imagine eating something especially a dessert that had a lemon taste. I always thought that lemons are only good as a drink (lemonade) or something to accompany a seafood dish but this pie changed my mind. It was sooo scrumptious and smooth I ended up eating probably more than half of the entire pie, eheh…^_^;;


I love citronshipping so much that whenever I see lemons or any fruit resembling citron fruits, my mind imemdiately goes to that ship, haha.

And drawing food is relaxing so why not make an artwork of a favourite ship PLUS a favourite dessert?

chibi de-rusting comic [citron ]


I spent the entire week mourning the passing of my beloved dog so I apologise if I haven’t replied or posted anything lately. It’s been very difficult to adjust to this new reality without my relative and my pet. I’m still grieving obviously but I’m feeling better than before. I’ve been exercising more and de-rusting with drawing.

I admit, I am super out of practice with drawing. I lost my passion for it after my relative’s death and this loss became worse when my dog died. I even wanted to delete all of my blogs/social media accounts after finishing the remaining commissions. I couldn’t bear to finish the Blood Plus comic or just look at it because I was working on it when I was told that my relative was intubated and in a critical condition. Everytime I see it, I just get flashbacks of that scenario and it pains me when I get those.

I ended up having an existenstial crisis after their deaths. Reflecting on my own mortality and re-examining what I want to do with my life, lol. I’ve been super clingy with my family and other pets, too. I wanted to spend more time with them because….you never know. (aka catastrophic thinking)

Anyway, I tried to de-rust myself with some cheebs. It’s actually more detailed colour-wise. oops

I wanted it to be simplistic, just like a regular messy doodle but I wanted to also do some colouring/painting warmups so I went crazy with glazing and using different tones, values etc, whatever could help me regain my momentum.

I didn’t like the result ORZ. Welp, just need more practice.


I realised that I haven’t posted and drawn as many personal art these past few months due to very hectic rl stuff earlier this year which is quite frustrating. My output has decreased quite significantly compared to last year so I thought of doing daily weekday doodles starting this week.

My goal is to draw anything, be it fanart or original art, a messy sketch/doodle, painting, comic or just a WIP/thumbnail and upload it here on WP, tumblr and twitter from Mondays to Fridays. ^_^

….hopefully I meet that goal, gah. I have to. ORZ

Anyway, here’s Citronshipping gag strip. ๐Ÿ˜€

Below is the thumbnail/storyboard of the comic. ๐Ÿ˜€

Pocket! Citron AU – Bathing Scenario- PDF


‘Finally finished this baby yesterday :DDD

I’ve been squeezing in some time with drawing this comic for a few weeks since commissions opened and I’m glad I got it done. I know it’s not something to be that happy about since it’s just 18 pages but it helps being through with this as I can start with other comic projects too. That, and I’m using this comic to…test the waters in Kofi/ kofi shop…If people willing to shop for some fancomics I draw. ^^

Printing a physical copy isn’t exactly feasible. It would be nice to make hard copies of the fancomics I make but I can’t find any good printing shop here and since I live in Asia and the majority of my audience are from the US and Europe, shipping fees would be expensive and inconvenient for them. ORZ

I made this into a PDF format because they are much more friendly and can be opened in almost any program. I tried converting it into an ebook which was the format I wanted initially and I did. The ebook format was nice but the comic wasn’t suited to being flipped like a book. It was more suited to be scrolled at. (or maybe I’m just new to ebook format stuff)

This is only 2.41 USD. I’m not really sure how to price comics in general, lol. But I’ll just start off with that price for this one.

โœจ๐ŸŒธ BUY ON KO-FI (2.41 USD) ๐ŸŒธโœจ


DIGITAL (PDF) | 18 P | YGODM | Slice of Life / Romance | 19. 02. 2021

Thief King Bakura isn’t particular about where he bathes. As long as the water’s clean, it’ll do. But his recent accomplice, Malik, isn’t so easygoing about it. He takes her to a branch of the river near their base, but she doesn’t share his nudity-casual attitude…

  • Read from Left to Right (L->R)

I hope anyone who buys it likes this one. ๐Ÿ˜€

And yes, it’s only general nudity. Personally, I don’t think nudity in itself is supposed to be considered NSFW. It’s quite problematic to think human body = sexual. Like, are you gonna say those tribal women and men in Africa and Asia need to be censored because they expose their breasts and other areas? >_>

I think there’s a sfw general nudity and the explicit nsfw sexual kind of nudity. So this is, for me, rated G.

(Ohhh and two of my followers bought it even before me announcing it haha. I’m so flattered ehehehe. Thank youuu rochelleechidna and nintendogal55. (ยดโˆ€๏ฝ€)โ™ก ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

Today, I’m going to warm up for drawing since I’ll be occupied with commissions and rl obligations this week ORZ.