commission wip

There’s a lot of comic strips I’m in the midst of finishing, lol.

It sucks cuz that means I can’t upload as frequently as I want to but at the same time, I’m in my “comics-making mode” which is my most productive “comic creating” mental state so…..I guess that’s a good thing?

Downside is less single illustrations, unfortunately.



I want to alternate with drawing illustration and comics by assigning days for them respectively, but my main problem is my hyperfocus.

I envy artists who can still draw and post random illustrations while in the midst of creating comics because that is something I have tremendous difficulty with.

Once I start a doujin/comic, I end up being so focused on finishing it that I cannot do anything else outside of it UNLESS it’s all done, lol. I just shut everything outside of it, basically.

It has its perks with finishing goals whatnot but it’s quite bad especially if I’m making a long comic. That would mean.. weeks or months of seeming inactive because I was too fixated on finishing a 65 page doujin, haha,.

So…I’m going to find ways to deal with having that kind of attention span. One way is what I said previously with assigning days on short illustrations and comics.

Gotta do that time management thing, lol.

Anyway, dumb ramble aside, here’s some concept sketches for a comic commission. ^__^

the lighting and angle is crap, haha. Though to be fair to myself, this photo was just to show a friend in some chat about what I was doing and I didn’t want to post it online. My NY goal is to post even the messiest of WIPs and here it is.

I have nothing good to show atm


I have one heavy task to finish tomorrow so I didn’t have that much time for illustrations this week. Though after I finish that errand tomorrow, I think I’ll be able to have the usual time for drawing stuff and finishing commissions.

As the title says I have nothing of substance to post, lol. But I’ve been doing storyboards for comic ideas during my short breaks in rl so it’s all good…I guess.

Well, here’s one storyboard preview of an upcoming short comic. It’s mirror! Puppyshipping ❤️❤️❤️ (I’m totally gonna make more comics strips of the ship rin made me fall in love with lol.)

Pardon if it ain’t “pretty-looking” lol. Tbh this photo is meant for Rin’s eyes only so I didn’t really bother with the lighting or the angle of the photo.

Welp. That’s one snapshot on how I make storyboards for comics. I plan on showing (documenting) more of my process in making weird comics here after I finish some of these projects.

(I promise I won’t end up forgetting that like last time, gah. )

But for now, I need to sleep and get prepared for tomorrow, ORZZZ. I wanna draw and make comics soooo bad. o

ONE last day of suffering before I can have time for these.