I forgot to post this, ORZ.

It’s also one of the series of practice doodles I did on Procreate.

Seeing it after a few days, I can see how it looks off. Rin critiqued one of my artworks recently and she mentioned that I didn’t have a wide range of values and how it looked quite bland when in greyscale and she’s right, gah.

Values are very difficult and something I overlook a lot despite it being a fundamental in art so it’s something I have to practice with more.

Also, This is just some random Mirror! Jou stuff. I still don’t have any “official” designs for him atm but he’s very metrosexual in appearance compared to the canon one and leans more to gothic/punk style (Like Mirror! Ryou) hence why I make sure he has some eyeliner and makeup there, lol.

Mirror! AU – FUOH: Feelings –

Finally done with this!

……Although lower your expectations because it’s short, lol.

(also because I had to redo some faces because I suck hard at drawing these two.)

I am just slower compared to back then, ugh.

But it’s just about regaining that momentum. I hope I can be quicker with other comics. >.<

Obviously, OOC Kaiba and Jou because these are their mirror versions. ‘Just warning you. People might get thrown off with a kind, smiling Kaiba. (and a gothic punk Jou, I made sure to thicken his animu eyeliner here.)

I certainly was cringing when I drew him years ago but now, I only do it a little, lol.


Some iminor inconsistency I noticed after I overwritten them.

I forgot Jou’s pendant in some panels so ..Sorry. ORZ



I didn’t have that much time to draw as much as I’d hoped to due to some family stuff today. ORZ.

I was able to do some studies/practice with drawing Kaiba and Jou for future projects, specifically for FUOH (A Mirror! Puppyshipping side story). I have to draw their hair well. ^^

It’s been a while since I used colourful markers, lol. (The colours on Jou’s hair are quite dull. oops.)

The most important thing is that I have a good grasp on their hair now.

I hope. heh. ^^;;>

diary doodles: mirror jou and canon jou

Some watercolour doodles on my hobonichi diary. I thought of filling the blank pages of it with some mirror vs canon concepts. ^_^

I was thinking of scanning, digitally colouring and enhancing them since this is….not presentable to say the least, gah. The hobonichi’s papers are very thin. (bible paper thin as some would say). Despite the tomoe river paper being a high quality paper that can withstand a variety of fountain inks and watercolours, it wrinkles when you watercolour on it.

Oh, and you can see some ink on the background since I’ve written stuff on the pages before and after them.

Ah well….as long as the theme of the comic strip is clear enough for the audience to see, I guess. I don’t want to have to repeat drawing and colouring it, tbh.

mirror pup 1

This was supposed to be posted in a series of doodles/art dump thing for mirror pupship but I’ll post the rest next time. I’m not really fond of this since the colouring looked…too bright and cartoony.

hmm..needs more texture.

Ah well. ‘Gonna experiment more.

In other news, I’ve been listening/watching King of the Hill stuff on youtube as I work on drawings and commissions.

It’s like a Slice of Life “feel good” series that takes place in Texas. There’s something so charming and nostalgic about the art style and the characters’ personalities. I’ve never been to the South of the US so I’m not sure if their portrayal of southerners are accurate. The characters are mostly right-wing-ish / conservative (Texas is still a majority Republican state from what I’ve googled just now) so it probably is accurate but the series’ humour is good, nonetheless.

Commission 11

I’ve been irritated at Gmail for bugging on me and not sending my mail to some of my clients. >_>


(( To my clients/those who commissioned me since clients sound too posh for my pleb self haha; Rest assured though that I send the full artworks to your e-mails straight before I post them to social media so please notify me asap if you haven’t received them but still saw them in my blog or smth. ^^. ))


I finished this full illust (chibi) commission for Darkfluffy98 who wanted a dark/guardian angel Jounouchi in a bright environment. Thank you for your commission, dear! <33333