Sorry for the inactivity since last weekend. ^^;;

I had the period flu late last week, ugh. The shitty thing about period cramps is that they always come back with a vengeance once the painkiller has worn off and it was crappy timing when it happened during the late night, lol.

And ofc RL stuff got in the way. Family problems and my dog having an emergency situation where his condition was like a roller coaster. On one day, he’s sick and then the next, he is active and then the day after that, he gets sick and worse than the day before.I was so friggin’ stressed and anxious especially seeing him hide himself among the plants and curling up. I panicked since my mind automatically had flashbacks of my dogs hiding themselves like that before they died last year, gah.

Thankfully, his disease wasn’t fatal although he had a low platelet count. He’s doing okay now, being his typical hyperactive and playful self but boy, did the stress take a toll on my physical and mental health, lol.

Anyway, I’m still working on some comics. Might use some final fantasy and other series’ characters also to experiment and warm up on drawing.

I don’t ship those two romantically btw, lol. I ship them platonically, like big sis and lil’ bro.

I ship Lightning with herself, heh.


I mean I don’t really see Lightning having any romantic relationship with anyone. At best, I can see her and Fang being romantic.


2000s thick emo animu layered hair is difficult to draw but boy, I love those. I wish they came back in style, haha.