I got a shepherd’s strain ORZ.

I have this bad habit of wrapping some of the dog leash around my wrist during walking especially on our street where my dog just gets super excited to walk so he pulls so hard.

‘Never doing that wrapping again, gah. My wrist hurts so much now.


I’m too tired to give a detailed explanation (it’s late at night, sorry) but long story short: last week was very stressful. I didn’t see many things coming and it really piled the heck up and became too much for me to handle. ORZ

They all severely dampened by ability to pursue my goals here. I experienced one of my worst depressive episodes ever last week as well. (like feeling numb to everything, having no motivation to live and do anything, s****** attempts, those kinds of dark stuff)

But I still want to pursue them.

I will pursue them, as best as I can despite all those. I don’t want to sound like a broken recorder writing down goals that I forget and do nothing in the end but I want to persist despite all my struggles so far this year.

baby steps…

small/ simple and unfinished doodles, short comic strips, illustration, long comics….I can still make up for them this year. I can do this.

Ahhhhh i should write blog posts during daytime. Gods, my brain is deep fried atm so I can’t write as much as I want to. ORZZ


It sucks having terrible mood swings and being super down for a few days. It doesn’t help that I also have a bad case of rhinitis, constantly sneezing which probably caused fatigue in my case. ORZ

I’ve been listening to The Sims 1 and 2 soundtrack though and the blast of nostalgia makes me tear up, lol. This Sims 1 Vanilla gameplay video is very relaxing to listen to in the morning. It helps with distracting me from my self-destructive behaviour, too. 😀

I do apologise if I haven’t posted new art. I want to finish the R18 tapho comic but um..honestly, I get so embarrassed gah I don’t know if I should post it or not. >/////<.


I’ve just been unmotivated with drawing these past few days, in general….Probably because of the deep melancholy I’ve been experiencing.


I’ll try to decide if I should finish that comic tomorrow. For now, I need to rest. I’m so tired.