New Year’s Goals

‘Exhausted from the road trip yesterday so I couldn’t write up a post, ORZ.

This won’t be long and blabbery but my main goal for this year is to draw whatever without giving a fuck, lol.

The horrible case of depression last year gave way for my bad habits to come back with a vengeance, unfortunately. Paralysing Perfectionism, lvl 9000 anxiety, etc. It was a total relapse and a really bad year for me and the way I approached art. Thankfully, I managed to heal as time went on and that helped clear my mind.

I ended up thinking what if people think it’s problematic, stupid and cringey and crack and aaaaaahhhhhhh


Life is too short and if people have a problem with that, they can pay me a trillion usd to stop me from drawing them. If nuclear armageddon happens by tomorrow and I don’t get to finish and post my citron comic or my hagie and kairene smut comic, I wouldn’t be able to be at peace, haha.

Jesus, why do I even think of these in the first place? Millie you’re too old for this shit. Just draw them!

I’ll post more on twitter and tumblr, especially with WIPs. I overthink a lot with WIPs and spoilers and in the end, they don’t really spoil much anyway so I won’t hesitate to post more of them online, lol.

Hmm what else..

expand the stuff I draw. I want to diversify the series I draw from and not just YGO. I mean, I’ll still draw ygo since I have some comic projects there but I also have other series I am so excited to draw especially since I think I’m already skilled to draw the characters from series I loved as a kid?

I’m not THAT skilled, I still have such a long way to go (sad!) but skilled enough to draw them compared to when I was a kid, haha. Alas, many of them don’t have a big fandom but that’s fine.

FINISH comic projects! Don’t procrastinate because of perfectionism. Perfectionism Anxiety is the number one cause for nme delaying comic works, gah. I’m sorry. But I’ll do my very best to finish comic projects even if they end up looking off to me.

Welp, those are pretty much my NY’s goals. I’ll ofc focus too on improving my art skills but that’s already a given.

Also, doodled some B+

pretty much what happens to Hagi in our AU, haha.

Gonna draw more tomorrow if period pains aren’t too pad, lol.

AUU random thought

Today’s been very exhausting, gah.

Anyway, I just had a random thought that’s related to the AUU. I’ve been looking for some time to draw chapter 7 of the AUU amongst the remaining commissions and illustrations and while scheduling on my planner, I thought of perhaps changing the Katakana of Mariku’s name?

It’s late and my antidepressants are kicking in so I apologise if I don’t make sense (which is all the time anyway lol) because of drowsiness but I remember the note I put in chapter 5 in regards to Mariku’s name in katakana which is マリクウ or in romaji, Marikuu. It’s pronunciation would be Ma-ri-Koo. It sounded endearing to me last year but thinking about it now, it sounds weird, haha.

Perhaps it would be better if his name in katakana would be マリック or Marikku in Romaji?

so it would sound like Ma-ri-Ku with a hard K. I think that sounds better.


ah well. I don’t think I’d be writing his name in Kana for future chapters anyway, lol. (Ah wait, there is one in chapter 8 ORZ)

Welp, I gotta sleep. Goodnight. ❤