Currently warming up with some doodles of Ryou cosplaying as Phi from Zero Escape~

I barely draw this creampuff T__T. Sorry, Ryou.

This just came out of a chat when I saw Phi and she had the same colour scheme as Ryou and we thought Ryou would look good in Phi’s outfit, haha.

although I genderbent this one by adding pants cuz Phi wears a miniskirt.

Ah but I forgot to put the flower head accessory.

I’m still in the very first part of the Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward haha, so I don’t wanna be spoiled. Seems interesting so far although I didn’t get to enjoy it as much last week cuz I was too burnt out to even play the minigames. I wanted to enjoy it but my brain was too deep fried and tired.

Speaking of burnout, I didn’t get to do any art studies because I was burning the midnight oil for a week, ORZ. I had a deadline yesterday so I was drowning myself in instant coffee because I didn’t have time to brew and I didn’t have much time for fandom online stuff but I did open CSP and…

well, from the latest post, I got so pissed that they didn’t retract their shitty subscription service so I ranted about how much I hated the path they were starting to walk into. I know it’s the natural trajectory of this capitalist mode of production, so I expected the subscription based service , most stuff are heading that way, adobe did that shit, most 3d programs do that shit,

but I didn’t think they’d be that shameless, haha. Especially since it felt like a betrayal from like, six, seven years ago when I bought it, Maybe I took it too personally, CELSYS is a corporation so it’s pointless to even have any hope for them to care about their consumers, I get it, but I was being optimistic for once. Like they were able to backtrack that AI feature on their program after the huge uproar and negative feedback they got from the CSP artist community, I thought, well, this subscription plan they have for V2 received so much negative feedback, maybe they’d backtrack on it last minute..

they didn’t.

ah well…

Key to happiness is to have low expectations.

for everything, lol.

I’m joking (not really) but jfc, I hate feeling nihilistic and cynical because it’s not productive to the cause but eh, it’s difficult to not get discouraged with how things are right now, locally and worldwide.

RIP Takahashi

So I was watching some KoTH episodes with Rin today and she broke the news to me that Takahashi died from a snorkeling accident which ihit me like a ton of bricks. He was quite active in posting in his social media and then…this happens. It’s completely shocking.

He was just 60 I think? so young….


I fucking hate 2022…ffs.

It’s such a total shock. I can’t believe he’s gone. The fact that I grew up with ygo, playing ygo (and seeing my classmates’ ygo cards get confiscated by the teachers lol) it feels like losing a part of my childhood and even my teenage years (with ygotas and the tumblr ygo fandom. )

Takahashi has left a lot of influence on me which is why I’m quite devastated on his sudden death. His series (and the tumblr fandom) inspired me to start taking drawing seriously and make fancomics of them which was something I thought I could never make. Heck, I met Rin all because of our love for the series and its characters. He’s also had a huge influence on my art style. His works pretty much became a part of my life essentially.


Sorry, this was the only drawing I could muster up for today. I’ll try to make a polished tribute but I think continuing to draw the characters he made that I love , like comics and random doodles, is enough to show my appreciation of him and his works.

Rest in Peace, Kazuki Takahashi, Your legacy continues to live on TT ___ TT.