Commission 20

A Sailor Scout inspired portrait commission for @sailor.bulan on IG. ❤

They wanted a celestial theme with flowers specifically red hibiscus and yellow plumeria around them.

I went for an art nouveau theme which was….terribly difficult, gah. It was so challenging to have a good composition for it esp with the colours having to be complementary and matching them to the inside of the frames in the background.

But I managed to learn so much about painting and rendering because of this illustration so that’s a good thing. ^_^b

Commission 13: Kunzite x Zoisite (Sailor Moon anime)


I got burnt out from the rl stuff that happened last Friday gah, but I was able to finish this commission. 😀

This one is a retro 90s Kunzite x Zoisite (from Sailor Moon anime) drawing for whereyoursoulresides~ (Thank you very much for your commission, dear! <333)

Bonus chibi sketch^

I wanted to the illustration to give some retro/90s vibes since they’re meant to be in that setting and it was slightly difficult for me at first because from what I’ve seen with the 90s, the core of its aesthetics has to do with being maximalist and I tend to be minimalist when it comes to art stuff in general, lol. It was fun drawing and colouring Kunzite and Zoisite though. :3

Commission 12: Princess Serenity

Reposting this commission for Yugimuffinn again for a clearer look and because commissions need its own separate post. ^__^

I learned a lot about rendering during the making of this illustration~ ❤

(I also realised that for big and detailed illustrations, I need to slice them up like this so people can see the details close-up. ‘Will be doing this for future ones. )


Back from my hiatus. Eyo!

Where do I even begin?

April was quite a shitshow, lol.

Dad tested positive for COVID weeks ago and it was such a stressful time for me and my family especially when the variants were already proving themselves to be deadly. My sister mentioned that so many of her friends’ dads and relatives have died from COVID. Every single time she refreshed her facebook feed, it was always some RIP tribute, which was alarming and depressing.

It was very difficult to focus irl when your own parent is hospitalised with COVID after taking their second vaccine shot. I remember I was about to draw something, a little chibi of me being tired for the hiatus post when my sister came in the room and told me that dad tested positive for COVID. (so yeah, the reason why I don’t have any drawing for my hiatus post is because i couldn’t draw after I was given the news.)

Dad is a very cautious person though (being a doctor himself) so when he felt the slightest bit of symptoms, he immediately isolated himself in his study. It took a few days before he had himself tested and it came out positive. Because at that time, we all thought it was a side effect of the vaccine and he’ll get better eventually. (My other sister who is a doctor did monitor him continuously). He confined himself in the hospital he worked at after learning of his diagnosis which thankfully, the hospital managed to treat him ASAP. He had severe pneumonia all this time. He got his x ray at the day of his confinement and his doctor said that it was good he confined himself asap or it could have gone fatal. Also, he probably got the virus before he got vaccinated so it’s not the vaccine’s fault.

My entire family was tested for COVID the day after dad went in the hospital and it was a miracle that all of us tested negative. But even then, we all had to quarantine ourselves for two weeks (basically not stepping out of the house AT ALL).

Fortunately, dad recovered, though it took a week or two before he got his normal taste buds back so during that period, he lost a significant amount of weight. He couldn’t eat anything at all. Everything was “too salty” for him. It was shocking at first seeing him pale and thin when he went out of the room where he isolated himself in.

but now he eats like a pig, which means he’s gone back to normal, lol.

TLDR; April was utterly nerve-wracking because my dad was positive for covid.


I managed to finish a commission for Yugimuffinn at that time. Though I was already in the finishing touches of this illustration when I received the news. I couldn’t draw or do much for the first week or so when my dad was in the hospital ORZ.


They wanted a Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. <333

Thank you for the commission!

WELP. Back to normal business; I will resume with drawing and finishing the remaining commissions I have,

AND blogging; y’know, talking and posting random shit like the usual, lol.