commission wip

There’s a lot of comic strips I’m in the midst of finishing, lol.

It sucks cuz that means I can’t upload as frequently as I want to but at the same time, I’m in my “comics-making mode” which is my most productive “comic creating” mental state so…..I guess that’s a good thing?

Downside is less single illustrations, unfortunately.



I want to alternate with drawing illustration and comics by assigning days for them respectively, but my main problem is my hyperfocus.

I envy artists who can still draw and post random illustrations while in the midst of creating comics because that is something I have tremendous difficulty with.

Once I start a doujin/comic, I end up being so focused on finishing it that I cannot do anything else outside of it UNLESS it’s all done, lol. I just shut everything outside of it, basically.

It has its perks with finishing goals whatnot but it’s quite bad especially if I’m making a long comic. That would mean.. weeks or months of seeming inactive because I was too fixated on finishing a 65 page doujin, haha,.

So…I’m going to find ways to deal with having that kind of attention span. One way is what I said previously with assigning days on short illustrations and comics.

Gotta do that time management thing, lol.

Anyway, dumb ramble aside, here’s some concept sketches for a comic commission. ^__^

the lighting and angle is crap, haha. Though to be fair to myself, this photo was just to show a friend in some chat about what I was doing and I didn’t want to post it online. My NY goal is to post even the messiest of WIPs and here it is.


this is a random sketch but I need to familiarise myself with the planes of the face.

love the 50s and 60s style. So far, my favourite fashion and aesthetics mostly belong to that time period. ^^

thumbnail? maybe?

A spur of the moment sketch based on some citron comic idea.

It’s more of a thumbnail sketch for a cover of some comic if ever.

I need to do more sketching.

Malik looks pretty off here lol but whatevs. I’ll just practice more I guess.

Commission 02

Commission no. 2 for Out-of-Frequency at tumblr~

They wanted a sketch of Ryou looking up to the moon while leaning on the window. I got a bit experimental here but I had fun drawing it. ❤