Spoken like a true Italian….

He’s such a bigot.

Everyone knows Asian cuisine is much, much superior than any of Europe’s cusine. And that’s a fact of life. Hmph! 😤

Just kidding.

Personally, I like all kinds of foods from the Middle East, Africa and to Europe but I’m more at home with Asian cuisine (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, etc.) probably because I’m Asian myself and I prefer stuff with rice all the time, haha.

Western food can be quite heavy for me most of the time but the best thing about cuisine is that it is very diverse and when you feel sick of eating the same kind of food, you can always try out a new recipe from a different country. Sick of Italian food? Try some French food. Sick of French food? Try some Chinese food etc. etc.

That guy though ended up becoming my problematic fave, haha. I know he is a money and power hungry pig but damn, FataMoru really makes villains into such multifaceted and complex characters that even if he’s a huge dickwad, he still got some of my sympathy, gah.

I actually finished the game yesterday and godss…One of the best VNs ever! I’ll probably even go as far as to say it’s the best VN I’ve read. I don’t understand how it’s so criminally obscure when it’s such a riveting and thought-provoking story. ;___;

I bought the prequel of it yesterday too but I haven’t really gotten up to much of the first chapter yet. Part of me is quite nervous that it won’t be as good as the OG FataMoru but of course, it is a prequel and I’m curious about Morgana’s story so I’ll still read it. ^^;

I think I’ll timebox this to 30 minutes a day or maybe an hour if there’s more time in the day, lol.

Sigh, I wish I was a vampire sometimes. Imagine not having to be so conscious of the time because of being immortal.

Also for all the talk about food a while ago, I haven’t eaten any for today come to think of it.

So, I’ll stop here and uh…scavenge for some food, lol.

‘Will blog more stuff later.


My workspace is so messy, gah. I really have to clean tomorrow.


That’s one of the things I hate with depressive episodes. I get such a lack of motivation and energy that I couldn’t be bothered to tidy the place at all, lol.

Well, I’ll be cleaning up the entire room tomorrow. No excuses!

On another note, I also played some Fata Morgana today and I thought I could screenshot the handsome portraits of my blorbo from the series, haha.

GODS, He’s so fucking HOT!

He looks so much like Ryou but with a very masculine and mature appearance. ( neck muscles!)

Even the first time I encountered him in the VN, I referred to him as Ryou’s real dad, haha. And Ryou’s ancestor. >>

This guy has it so rough. A million more times of a woobie than Ryou and Gie but I love all three white haired boys the same. <3333

But damn, I LOVE the art style of Fata Morgana. I need to study how the artist rendered the details, heh. Look at dat hair and thsoe mesmerising eyes!

Need…..to know…their…techniques…..


The recent news had me very stressed and depressed about a lot of stuff so I kinda fell into a deep rut for the past few days, ORZ.

It really sucks being so powerless and watching people get effed up in the arse by the rich and greedy. sighhhhhh.

Don’t understand why the US keeps barking for goddamn war and then they use other countries as fucking proxies. I fucking hate how some Americans treat as if War is some sports game and entertainment because they’ve never been on the receiving end of war. They’ve never had war in their grounds meanwhile other weaker and poorer countries get used as canon fodder and a chessboard for the US imperialist wolves. It’s never fucking enough for those at the top. So many people will die all because the US can’t stand being number 2. Also to hell with the compr***** of these proxy countries. US Lapdogs are the worst.



‘been timeboxing my playthrough of FataMoru. One hour of playing it each day and….my, my, a huge surprise with Michel, 0__0

I actually kind of saw it coming, ngl. But I didn’t know it was true!

I have a “friends with benefit” ship in the VN, haha. And by that, it’s not exactly romance but more driven by lust, heh. >:3C

(and affection.)

I mean, I can see WHG 2 falling in love with Yukimasa but I can’t see the latter doing so to the former which is sad but well, that’s how it is. It’s actually the first time I had a ship of this kind. ^^;;>

The faces look wonky. ORZ. What even is anatomy?

I hate being rusty. I’ll do better next time.

Poor Pauline.

but I think Pauline deserves someone else. Someone that’s not Yukimasa,.

Maybe an adult version of Javi, haha.

I don’t ship Pauline and Javi romantically as Javi is a kid/preteen (?) so I ship them as a platonic sibling ship.

Although ngl, if Javi actually wasn’t a kid and was featured in the VN as an adult, I’d definitely ship Pauline and Javi because their personalities give room for so much chemistry.❤️


Still four chapters left in Fata Morgana but ffffuuucck, it’s so riveting and moving that it made me cry, haha.

And I don’t even cry when I watch anime/manga let alone with VNs most of the time.

Gods, why do stuff I love have to be so underrated? ahaha…….haaaaah.

This guy above is honestly like, the more masculine version of Ryou, haha.

Probably the ancestor of all white-haired woobies I love, :’D (Seriously, most white haired anime characters get it sooooo bad in life. )


So I saw the settei/reference for OMORO in Blood+ and it had a poster for the US army in their restaurant. I can understand why since it used to be a restaurant for George’s friends in the US military in Okinawa. And it’s near a US military base. (How unfortunate.)

but…..since George is dead, and Kai replaces him, I think he’d get rid of it. It would be quite rude and honestly, extremely offensive ( disgusting, to put it midly) to put the US army recruitment poster in an Okinawan restaurant.

It would also be very disrespectful for the Shifu/Schiff who are alive in this AU since they were chased down and hunted by the Corpse corps, who are the more enhanced , “perfect” artificial chiropteran soldiers created by the US for their MIC.

and after all the atrocities and bloodshed the US was responsible for worldwide in Blood+ (and irl lol) ……I think it would be better to just throw that poster in the trash, haha. As they say in Okinawa (and where I’m from), “Yankee, Go Home.”

I like to think Kai replaces it with a corkboard of pictures filled with nice, heartwarming found family moments in OMORO. ^__^

Frankly, that was the fucking original theme of Blood+, the found family trope. If Fujisaku friggin’ spared the characters and was decisive with his choices, the characters would be so much more fleshed out and the ending would have been super satisfying and hark back to its theme but noooooooo, he liked to get rid of them because he didn’t know what to do with them and wanted cheap shock, pfft.

Damn, I rant about his writing most of the time here, haha. SORRY.

Won’t acknowledge the canon at all. And its sequel, haha. I do not know them at all.


I was suffering from some period cramps yesterday (god, sucks to have periods lol) so I thought of playing some FataMoru. I’m currently at the third door and just a few minutes in, this character has already earned my ire and resentment, lol.

This door takes place in the Victorian era, late 19th century so period of rapid industrialisation and you had these fucking scum exploiting the hell out of the poor and working class. Wait, what am I talking about? It still happens to this day, lol.

This is something I really love about FataMoru. All too often, Anime/manga and just media in general love to romanticise the rich aristocrats and nobility, always making them look so fancy and pretty, have stories almost often revolve around them. If there’s a poor person, it’s almost always very individualistic with them marrying to the upper ecehlons of society/ monarchy and “Living Happily ever after.” Never mind the other poor people who are propping their luxurious lifestyles up with their taxes, haha (esp in the case of monarchies).

bleh! (ノ`Д´)ノ~┻━┻

FataMoru actually is very critical of the rich. You can see how the poor characters criticise some of the rich characters like them being able to be kind, polite and gentle when the poor cannot because of their material conditions. Even a poor lad in the VN mentions how it’s so easy to say to move out of a place when you have money but if you’re impoverished or not well-off, it would be difficult to even move out and let go of the place you grew up in.

Honestly, it was so refreshing seeing that. History and the media tend to often overlook the peasants, the serfs, the colonised people, the slaves and always prop up the rich and royalty. Even until now, people still love to romanticise Marie Antoinette and other versailles crap. I’m like, gods…..why?! smh.

Or like the Romanov family which I mean, sucks that the entire family was killed but like, nobody cares what brought about the revolution. Like how the Russian peasants (who were the majority of the country mind you lol) have had enough of their monarchy just sending them to all die in a war they didn’t even want and letting them starve and suffer so much while they live in luxury. Mainstream Historians love to gloss over that and instead, focus on the oh-so-poor, poor rich royal parasites living off sooo extravagantly on the backs of the suffering workers. (;¬_¬)

(Rin even mentioned that in the UK, they’re mostly taught of the royal inbreds’ lives and not much of the imperialism that Britain subjected to so many countries around the world. ugh.)

It’s utterly disgusting and it’s a huge sign that history when being taught generally needs to be reformed or changed, imho. There needs to be a huge emphasis on the class struggle. Something that begets class consciousness and solidarity among the working and poor people.

TLDR; I’m sick and tired of this constant glorification of opulence and the rich which is why I adore this VN, lol.

That, and the VN kinda had a “couple” that had so much deathshipping vibes it made me realise that I should resume with the AUU. How long has it been since I last update it? two years, gah. (๏д๏)

So much deathshipping vibes earlier on. I’m like, man, just keep giving it to me make me more inspired to finish that story haha.

໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७


I was supposed to blog last night but my computer crashed so I had to let Rin post for me on twitter and tumblr. ORZ

If only I did not have to update Windows. It’s been getting so slow, lately. fucking bastard of an OS.


I’ve been getting into a Visual Novel called, Fata Morgana no Yakata / The House in Fata Morgana and so far, it’s been super amazing with the characters and twists in the story! (❤️´艸`❤️)

I really recommend this if you’re into gothic horror. ^^

Women with noses! I barely see that in seinen moe anime, lol.(dots for noses, lmao. hate that crap.)

Joke aside, I love their art style so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Unfortunately,this VN is….criminally obscure. ORZZZZ

Gods, why the heck do I always get into obscure series?

Maybe cuz obscure ones are often much better than mainstream ones AHAHAHA (≧∀≦)

That’s not exactly a hot take but I feel like saying that would make me come off as a hippie or some edgelord. IDGAF. It be true, though from my experience. >_>

Precious hidden gems, I tell you! 😤

The strip below is another old idea spawned from a chat about me and Rin disliking this godawful trope that’s overused in anime.

It was Rin’s idea to use Superman and Batman, lol. But really, I almost always see it with girl characters in anime and you can say, Oh, well guy characters do that in Yaoi/R18 manga but the skinship grope trope is even in anime series that are not even meant to be sexual, in shonen anime for example. It’s as if it’s a requirement in every hot spring episode for girls to fucking grope each other without consent and in such a voyeuristic manner too.

And it’s funny becaue from my personal experience as a woman, when we’re in the bathroom or”locker room”, nobody gropes each other in that way. Nobody makes such a huge fuss if one of my classmates had really big boobs. Yeah, there’d be some remark on how “lucky” they are but it would just be one statement and we’d often jump to another non sexual topic. They won’t grope you all of a sudden. We just mind our own business and talk about random topics.

I wonder if it’s the male writer, and it’s usually them who project that “dick measuring” stuff to women. Or just an excuse to have a voyeuristic fanservice scene.


Well, if they’re going to do that, at least do the same for the men with them groping each other’s schlongs and remarking how girthy or long they are but ofc they don’t. (¬_¬ )

(And don’t friggin’ tell me showing a guy half naked with abs has the same degree of fanservice to crotch/arse shots and the jiggling breasts of women. You don’t even see the male equivalent of the BWH measurements that they often give to women characters in anime. Gods, I hate it when some guy anime fans always bring that argument up ( ˘︹˘ ))

And yes, anime is not supposed to be realistic all the time and tropes are tropes because it builds stories and I agree with that but this kind of trope is well, annoying, gross and turns me off everytime I see it. It’s also uneccessary.

Miyazaki was right, hahaha.

another rant, haha. Whoops!

I got carried away.

I was also working on the comic commission last weekend. I had to ask for more clarification from my client in one part of her comic strip and had some difficulty with storyboarding some scenarios but I’m nearly one with the thumbnailing, thankfully. (‾◡◝)

That’s all I can say for today, welp. Need to grind some more. ^^