Commission 15

Geminishipping: Among the Ruins of Kul Elna

for the lovely Rochelle-Echidna 💖! Thank you for your commission and your constant support! 😭

This was quite challenging and time consuming for me since I barely do backgrounds and landscapes but I learned a bit more on textures and giving shape to mountainous and rocky cliffs while painting this piece.

Bathing Comic WIP

(Had to censor his Ding dong here lol)

This is a preview of a short p citron comic I’ve been working on bit by bit and which I’m gonna sell on my Ko-fi store soon. ^__^

I was thinking of pricing it to only 2 USD so it can be easily accessible to almost everyone. Also, it’s not an NSFW comic dw. It has some general nudity but it isn’t explicit. I’ll save the nsfw comics for next time, lol.

The tapho comic will take longer to finish sadly because I have to find some privacy with the colouring, orz . So, this citron comic would be first to be posted at kofi . 😀