Hobonichi Painting

I’m an idiot, gah.

I got carried away with painting a number of layers on a 50 gsm paper so it wrinkled. ORZ

Anyway, I’m just filling up all the remaining blank and uncoloured pages on my hobo. Scanning old sketches prompted this motivation for me to stay consistent and improve my skills.

And to dabble more with traditional media esp watercolours.

I’m still a huge amateur when it comes to watercolours but using them is very relaxing. ^^

Hobonichi Doodles : My Old OCs

I wanted to post this last night but I was too exhausted I ended up falling asleep at front of my laptop, ORZ.


Some very old OCs of mine created back in High School that I painted on my hobonichi, lol.

I thought of drawing those and other random stuff to fill the many blank pages of my hobo. Unfortunately, I haven’t written/drawn there regularly compared to last year but I didn’t want to keep the planner blank. The main reason with the hobonichi being expensive, lol. I really can’t afford to waste them.

And it does help. I mentioned in my previous blog post that I struggled with not finishing sketches and being very irregular with my sketchbook. I’d end up getting sick of it and buy a new one and repeat the whole process again.

I was drawing heads everywhere. (many of them faceless) I barely went past the neck. Thinking about it now, it was probably because I didn’t know shit about the anatomy after them such as the upper and lower limbs, torso and pelvis so I couldn’t be bothered.

I lacked any knowledge on how they worked so I was merely stuck on heads, haha.

Gods, they were such a cluttered mess that I don’t feel bad throwing so many of them away. I regret the fact that it took years of this same kind of blunder and why it only took me joining the ygo fandom to take drawing seriously. But at the same time, I know that I’m a better artist now. Not as skilled as I want to be . I’m still learning more and always wanting to improve but I know I’m much better than “Only-drawing-heads Millie.”

Who knew being so guilty of buying an expensive planner and making sure I don’t waste a paper of it curbed those bad habits? lol. I’m saving up for another one for next year. 😀

Watercolor practice again


After like, two weeks of not posting any art I finally have something to show. ^^;;

I’m sooo sorry for the idleness. ORZZ

It’s not perfect. It’s fairly rough but well, that’s expected from an amateur at watercolours, lol.

Traditional media specifically painting seems to be good medium to combat my anxiety and perfectionism paralysis with art. A giant blank digital canvas is a lot more intimidating. Not to mention the numerous CSP tools and the undo button which exarcerbates my toxic perfectionist mindset.

While with painting traditionally, it gives me more permission to be imperfect and experimental because watercolour is generally a difficult medium; inherently unpredictable (esp for my newbie ass lol) and subject to a lot of different conditions such as paper type, wetness, brushes, etc.

And it’s just very therapeutic. The weather has been really crappy; super grey and rainy so it probably dampened my mood for the past week or so and I needed a therapeutic outlet. (Is it SAD?)

Redraw from Last Year

edit: damn i ended up typing archers instead of arches lmao.

I tested a new watercolour paper, Baohong, and it seemed quite decent especially with the blending. Comparable to Arches apparently according to some people but I’ve never tried the latter so I don’t know if it’s true, lol. (Isn’t Arches like the Rolls Royce of watercolour paper?)

But it’s affordable for like, a 100% cotton watercolour paper and I need all the practice sheets since I’m a total amateur with this media. :’D

(gods, where were all these good, quality affordable brands when I was young? lol.

One reason why I didn’t do watercolours as a kid aside from having barely any art class in my school’s curriculum was due to how expensive they were around me when I was a broke af student.)

It’s a redraw of a little smiling tkb from last year.

The texture is quite rough. ‘Could be because it’s cold press but also due to the lighting..

Anyway, I scanned it and enhanced the colours slightly to make some of ’em pop.

My tablet also broke a few hours ago. ugh.

I’m extremely frustrated since it’s been with me for almost a decade and it just..doesn’t work anymore all of a sudden. :/

Link and Moosh from Zelda


Sorry for the idleness ORZ. I’ve been dealing with some bad anxiety attacks for the past few days but I think I’m getting better. At least a little.^^;;

Anyway, I’ve been practicing with watercolours again using Link and Moosh from Zelda Oracle of Seasons which is Rin’s favourite game. I have a difficult time with blending and mixing, lol so I need to practice more.

Tools used:

  • Holbein Saunders Waterford White Watercolour Paper ( F2 )
  • Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolours
  • Faber Castell Polychromos coloured pencils
  • Miya Gouache – White
  • Sakura Gelly Roll – White

I forgot Moosh’s blush haha. oops.

diary doodles: mirror jou and canon jou

Some watercolour doodles on my hobonichi diary. I thought of filling the blank pages of it with some mirror vs canon concepts. ^_^

I was thinking of scanning, digitally colouring and enhancing them since this is….not presentable to say the least, gah. The hobonichi’s papers are very thin. (bible paper thin as some would say). Despite the tomoe river paper being a high quality paper that can withstand a variety of fountain inks and watercolours, it wrinkles when you watercolour on it.

Oh, and you can see some ink on the background since I’ve written stuff on the pages before and after them.

Ah well….as long as the theme of the comic strip is clear enough for the audience to see, I guess. I don’t want to have to repeat drawing and colouring it, tbh.

Watercolour Practice : Red Panda

I forgot to post this, lol.

This was weeks ago and just referenced google images for this red panda drawings.

Sorry that I was pretty idle on social media this week. It’s mainly because I’m recovering from a burnout irl (plus an eating disorder) , gah.

I’ll be in normal mode next week.. For the remaining days of this week though , I’ll just rest a bit and post stuff here if I have any other thing to post.

I think I’ll also be making some mirror pup comics (FUOH) next week aside from finishing commissions.

Watercolour Sketch: Panda


I’ve recently got my second vaccine shot so I’ve been groggy for the past day, ORZ. ‘Couple that with the new antidepressants I was prescribed for.

The other night, I was fixing my messy room and as I was arranging the art tools on the shelves beside my desk, it dawned on me that I haven’t done any traditional work for almost a year. So yesterday I thought of doing some traditional “warm up” doodle since it was the weekend and I wanted to do something relaxing.

I wanted to paint something easy and light so I opted for monochromatic (greyscale) painting using a small dropper bottle of black indian ink.

The problem with making watercolour art is the set-up, lol. It’s so time-consuming and troublesome with having to reach for your brushes, palette, paper towel, paints and jars. Compare that to digital art with just opening a program on your computer and plugging in your tablet to draw.

I did some panda studies, referencing google images of them. I should put my degree to good use and practice drawing and painting animals because I friggin’ suck at them, haha.

Reminder to self: Remember to draw at a good angle so the artwork won’t be deformed when you look at it in full view, gah. I always keep forgetting that.

So in the picture of the palette above, it’s just all about dilution in each well of the palette. The more water you add to the indian ink, the lighter the wash is. It’s not obvious because of it’s black colour but each well has a different amount of water added to it.

More water = lighter colour; Less water = darker colour.

Tools used:

  • Holbein Saunders Waterford White Watercolour Paper (F2 size)
  • Dr. Ph Martin’s Black Star Waterproof Indian Ink (MATTE)
  • Sakura Gelly Roll (white)
  • Tombow Monograph one 0.5 Mechanical pencil – HB

I really recommend Dr. Ph Martin’s Black Star Matte Indian ink though because of its versatility and nice finish. I plan on using it for future traditional monochromatic (b/w) art or comics. 😀