WIP of Namu7841’s Commission ❤️



Sorry for the inactivity. ORZZZ

I’m still alive, I’ve just been dealing with a lot recently. Just this week, my dog’s been having health problems, so I keep having to go to the vet. It’s very stressful worrying about her and bills. It’s been expensive, so I might reopen commissions again. But I’m still alive and working on things. Life has just been so frustrating lately. ^^;;


So I have been idle for a week. I apologise for that. ORZ

As always, was occupied with rl stuff. I often end up collapsing in bed right after those,forgetting to wash my face, too ugh. But I’ve been working on more comics lately and dabbling with different hobbies during some spare time. I’m not as fast as before but I’m trying my best to finish projects as soon as possible.

It’s been three months of hell (since December 2021) and my mental state isn’t exactly in a good place. Losing two loved ones in a span of a month and a week has been very overwhelming and traumatic for me.

It sucks that I’ve planned so many personal projects this 2022 only for them to be disrupted because of unexpected tragic events. Sigh, it’s so discouraging when the year didn’t start off as I wanted to last year, but I’ll have to do what I can and adapt to these changes and…I think I can make a good start this March.

It’s not too late to regain my momentum and resume all those projects,


Anyway, here’s a WIP of some comic I’m planning to finish this weekend. 🙂

i need to improve more in drawing.


Backing up old photos and videos are so painful because of having to view and scroll through those that featured my deceased loved ones being alive and well, ORZ

sigh ///

I miss them so much. </3

I ran out of icloud storage today so yeah, I had to back those files up in a hard drive and in a cloud. What a friggin’ hassle. ><

Anyway, I am currently in the midst of finishing the remaining commissions. (rendering can be a pain in the arse). I hope I can finish two by the end of this week. >.<

2021 Art Summary


Long time no see. ^^/

Relative is still in critical condition after a month so…I don’t know what is gonna happen to them. Hopefully they can recover but…


I’ll have to accept whatever will come, good or bad. As much as I wanna sulk all the time, I can’t just stop drawing for more than a month or months. I’m still not in a decent mood of course, I feel depressed about their condition and I truly hope they get well soon but life goes on and I need to resume with drawing and other important things.

It doesn’t help Omicron cases have drastically increased here and the hospital he’s in might be crowded with covid patients. ORZ

Anyway, I thought of making an Art Summary for 2021 and…..

…A majority are commissions. :”D

I’m very grateful though for those who commissioned me for being so patient (tysm <3) , as it’s my first time doing commissions. I’ve learned from my mistakes/blunders with commissioning, took note of them and hopefully, I can be more efficient with the next series of commission works.

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Smutty Comm. WIP


I wanted to post a WIP shot of a NSFW commission. Obviously, I can only show very little, lol but hopefully this is enough to guess what it is about. :3C

It’s still in the sketch stage, pardon.

Damn though, it’s been a while since I drew my OTP. I should draw more of them after this. ^_^



After days of dumping my random thoughts and musings on this blog, here’s some art finally.

Well, more specifically, it’s a wip of some comic which is still art that I need to finish this week. ^^;;

I’ve been trying to get some inspiration from Art Station artists, and let’s just say…they were quite discouraging, haha.

I mean, it’s inspiring don’t get me wrong but also discouraging the more I scroll tbh. My art looks like utter trash if put next to any of their works, lol.

Goddamn, so many extremely skilled pros. ORZ

I wonder how many days it takes for them to finish a polished and very detailed artwork?

But no matter, it’s also good to appreciate their works and study how they’re able to make their stuff. 😀

storyboard/thumbnail and dumb reflections

Some storyboard of a future comic strip featuring my OTP. <333 (I miss drawing them so much!)

I censored the screen and speech balloons to avoid spoilers lol but it’s obviously a gag comic. I’ve been opting for a B6 Midori notebook, I find that the smaller notebook, the better and easier the flow of thoughts especially when it comes to thumbnailing for future comics/doujins.

When I was looking through my old works, specifically from 2009 up to 2019, I realised how chaotic and messy I was when it came to drawing. I only started having “fixed” sketchbooks when my laptop broke down in 2017. And by fixed I mean, drawing on a sketchbook consistently and less sloppy when it came to the sketch positions and placement in a page.

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