Commission 15

Geminishipping: Among the Ruins of Kul Elna

for the lovely Rochelle-Echidna 💖! Thank you for your commission and your constant support! 😭

This was quite challenging and time consuming for me since I barely do backgrounds and landscapes but I learned a bit more on textures and giving shape to mountainous and rocky cliffs while painting this piece.

Commission WIP

I’m not yet done with some details, shadows, lighting and rendering (plus polishing) yet but I’ll try to finish this commission as soon as possible.

I had a very rough depressive episode today so I was unable to be as productive as I wanted to. Sorry. ORZ

And yes, I love playing with the image compare block of wordpress lol. (it suits the theme of this commission well.)

Commission 01 – thiefshipping chibi sketch

Chibi Sketch commission for L ^__^. (not sure if they want their name mentioned in public but I’ll use L for privacy’s sake.)

They wanted some thiefshipping chibi cuddle in cute pajamas.

First commission finished now to move to the second one! ୧༼✿ ◕͡д ◕͡ ༽୨

I’ve also been listening and watching a lot of Blackpink MVs especially their dance practice ones. They’re very energizing to listen to albeit too energizing. I find myself moving in my seat, doing some slight dancing from the catchy tune gah.

ALSO I love their fashion sense so much, lol. (totes wanna make me buy more black and cropped top clothing) Jennie seems to be the fave of YG according to my sister thats why she tends to get the best clothes apparently. Not sure if that’s true but it seems so.

Anyway, enough kpop talk haha. I should go back to finishing other commissions.